goes down as EveryDNS pulls the plug again

WikiLeaks is down (yet again!). Half an hour ago, disabled DNS services for WikiLeaks' secondary hosted domains, including ch ch changes! is the US company that was also responsible for disabling the DNS services for this morning. It seemed strange that WikiLeaks subsequently decided to use the same DNS provider for, as it was almost inevitable that the new domain would suffer the same fate. In a Guardian Q&A session today, Julian Assange hinted that WikiLeaks deliberately places some of its servers in juristictions that they suspect suffer from a "free speech deficit".

In an updated statement, said, "Today, also in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy, the secondary DNS hosted domains, including, were disabled. is not taking a position on the content hosted on the or website, it is following established policies."

Just a moment ago, WikiLeaks responded to the takedown by announcing three more domains that can be used to access the WikiLeaks content:

Meanwhile, EasyDNS (not to be confused with has criticised the state of online journalism after they were falsely accused of taking down WikiLeaks. Several blogs and tweets have erroneously stated that EasyDNS, rather than, were providing DNS services for WikiLeaks.

A real-time performance graph for can be viewed here