Netcraft monitors WikiLeaks and Operation Payback targets

Netcraft is now monitoring the performance and uptime of websites which are involved in the ongoing WikiLeaks cyberbattle. Real-time graphs for all of these sites can be viewed here:

Please contact us if you know of any new sites which have come under attack:

WikiLeaks has been subjected to several denial of service attacks, and has also had to deal with its name servers, hosting accounts and payment services being suspended. In retaliation, WikiLeaks supporters have targetted some of the companies who have decided to terminate relationships with the whistle-blowing site.

MasterCard is the latest target, and there have also been successful attacks against PostFinance, the Swedish prosecutor's website, and the official PayPal blog.

Despite a French minister declaring war on WikiLeaks, French hosting company OVH allowed the site to continue using its servers, stating that it was neither for nor against WikiLeaks. OVH sought an emergency decision from a judge over whether or not it was illegal to host the WikiLeaks website. The judge subsequently declined to force OVH to shut down the site.

Meanwhile, SWITCH (the registry for .ch domains) has clarified the circumstances under which the domain would be deleted, and is keen to point out that it is not responsible for the contents of the Wikileaks site.