LiveJournal under DDoS attack

LiveJournal has been knocked offline by another DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, less than a week after a separate sustained attack caused the site to go down for several hours. In response to last week's attack, LiveJournal upgraded their servers to make the site run faster; however, this does not appear to have prevented the current attack from succeeding.

Svetlana Ivannikova, Head of LiveJournal Russia, confirmed that the current outage was caused by another DDoS attack: "We can confirm that the service has not been working correctly for the last hour due to another DDoS attack on LiveJournal. Administrators are aware of the problem and trying to identify the source and target of the attack". No further details were given at this time.

The attack which caused last week's outage apparently began on 24th March, but LiveJournal largely withstood the attack until it was ramped up on 30th March. LiveJournal maintenance said, "Turns out we upset our attackers and they started hitting us 10x harder".

Both and were still inaccessible at the time of publication.