August 2015 Web Server Survey

In the August 2015 survey we received responses from 874,408,576 sites and 5,391,301 web-facing computers, representing a net gain of 25 million sites and 40,978 web-facing computers since last month.

Microsoft was responsible for much of the growth in web-facing computers this month, reversing the losses seen last month. This month there was an increase of 15,668 web-facing computers powered by Microsoft web server software, accompanied by a gain of 6.1 million sites. Microsoft has recovered some web-facing computer market share as a result of the increase; however, it remains on a gradual declining trend – it now stands at almost 2 percentage points below its share this time last year.

nginx performed well across all metrics again this month, gaining 3,421 sites in the top million sites, 6,491 web-facing computers, and 983,000 sites overall. nginx is the only vendor experiencing consistent increases in market share, and is now used by 22.61% of the top million sites, and 12.68% of web-facing computers.

Apache also made gains this month, with 1,243 additional web-facing computers and 2.3 million additional sites. However, it lost 4,775 sites in the top million sites, where its market share is now 47.78%. Despite the net gain in web-facing computers, Apache has again seen a small loss in its market share, which now stands at 46.26%.

LiteSpeed gained 486,000 sites this month, bringing the total number of sites using LiteSpeed's web server to just over 5 million. LiteSpeed uses the same configuration format as Apache and is designed to be a drop-in replacement.

LiteSpeed was the first major web server vendor to add support for the final version of HTTP/2 after it was standardised in May. HTTP/2, which is based on Google's SPDY protocol, aims to improve the performance of HTTP by changing how it is encoded on the wire. It does not change HTTP's semantics to ease compatibility with existing applications. While the standard defines a cleartext version of the protocol, all major browsers only support HTTP/2 over TLS. Out of the 45,819 SSL sites that negotiated the final version of HTTP/2 over TLS this month, 21,695 (47.35%) were served by LiteSpeed.

An initial patch was released by nginx this month for adding HTTP/2 support. The patch is still in development – full HTTP/2 support in nginx is expected by the end of 2015.

Microsoft IIS 10 is the first release of IIS that provides HTTP/2 support. IIS 10 is included in Windows 10, which was released in July, and Windows Server 2016, which is currently in public beta testing and expected to be released in early 2016.

mod_h2, an Apache module which provides HTTP/2 support, was donated to the Apache Foundation in June and merged into the development version of Apache. mod_h2 will be backported to Apache 2.4, the current stable release branch.

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