November 2016 Web Server Survey

In the November 2016 survey we received responses from 1,436,724,046 sites and 6,225,374 web-facing computers, reflecting a gain of 7 million sites and 81,000 computers.

nginx was the only major vendor to gain hostnames this month, increasing its site count by 6.1 million, while Apache and Microsoft lost 16.6 million and 12.4 million.

Outweighing the existing major vendors, LiteSpeed demonstrated the largest hostname growth after it gained more than 40 million sites – a remarkable 740% increase. LiteSpeed's growth included 38 million existing sites that were hosted by OVH, and previously using Taobao's Tengine web server, which consequently suffered the largest loss of sites this month. The sites involved in this movement—nearly all of which make use of the .science TLD—are now hosted by Amazon Web Services. As a result of these changes, LiteSpeed's market share of sites has leapt from 0.39% to 3.29%, taking it from 10th to 4th place – while Tengine has been displaced to 5th.

Using the less-volatile web-facing computers metric, Apache showed the largest growth this month with an increase of 39,900 computers, while nginx was not too far behind with net growth of 32,881. Despite LiteSpeed's large hostname growth, it gained only a modest sum of 312 computers (+3.4%), making it the 7th largest vendor by this metric.

OpenResty gained significant traction in September after millions of Tumblr blogs switched from using nginx. This month, OpenResty gained a further 560 web-facing computers (+7.8%), taking its total up to 7,700. It also gained half a million more sites, but not all of the new sites are used by Tumblr blogs this time, which indicates growing interest amongst other users. More than a tenth of the new sites found using OpenResty in November are being used to serve PHPWind forum installations hosted by Raksmart in China, and thousands more new OpenResty sites are found at the likes of Fastly, DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft's latest server software, IIS 10.0, has yet to make significant inroads on the web, with the total number of sites using it still floating around 10,000; however, its primary platform—Windows Server 2016—has only been available since October. Preview releases have been available for several months, though, and so the number of web-facing computers using Windows Server 2016 has gradually been creeping up. Netcraft found a total of 4,347 Windows Server 2016 computers in the November survey.

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