June 2018 Web Server Survey

In the June 2018 survey we received responses from 1,630,322,579 sites, 217,776,658 unique domains, and 7,614,764 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 45 million sites and 162,000 web-facing computers, but a loss of 98,800 domains.

Apache currently leads by most metrics, with the largest market share of domains (35.23%), active sites (41.13%), computers (40.28%), and top million sites (35.54%). However, it continues to gradually decline in market share, losing out to continued growth elsewhere, particularly by nginx. Most of Apache's figures fell this month, with the exception of a small 35k (+1.16%) rise in web-facing computers. Despite this gain in web-facing computers, its share fell slightly, by 0.4 percentage points.

The only metric where Apache does not retain the lead is web sites: Microsoft's server software has held the lead since July 2016. Although Microsoft web servers now account for 601 million sites, or 36.9%, relatively few of these are active sites. Microsoft servers account for 11.8 million active sites, a 6.62% share of the entire active site market, placing it behind both Apache and nginx. Internet Information Services (IIS) accounts for 97.8% of all domains using Microsoft server products, with Microsoft's light-weight HTTPAPI making up just 2.2% of Microsoft's domains. Only 8.0% of the web-facing computers running Microsoft IIS run the latest version available, IIS 10.0, released in October 2016 as part of Windows Server 2016. A greater proportion, 10.1%, are still running IIS 6.0, which reached end-of-life along with Windows Server 2003 almost 3 years ago.

nginx continues to rise in popularity, growing faster than its Apache and Microsoft competitors in all metrics except web sites. Although nginx's 23.35% domain share is still behind Microsoft's 25.73%, its continued growth has it on track to overtake Microsoft in a few months, and potentially even bring Apache within its sights in a couple of years. nginx holds second place in terms of active sites (21.64%), computers (25.84%), and the number of sites within the top one million (24.68%). This month, nginx had the largest gains in all metrics with the exception of overall web sites. Apart from its original distribution, nginx also comes in two other popular variants: Openresty, which is based on an nginx core with additional Lua-based modules, was seen on 2.0 million domains this month; and Tengine, an nginx fork maintained by Chinese ecommerce site Taobao, was seen on 1.2 million domains.

The LiteSpeed web server, which currently accounts for 1.27% of all domains, has also been slowly but steadily gaining adopters. It experienced the 3rd largest increase in domains this month, gaining 125k, giving it a larger relative increase than Apache, Microsoft, or nginx servers. LiteSpeed has a slightly higher market share of 1.50% of the top million sites and 1.86% of all active sites.

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