October 2018 Web Server Survey

In the October 2018 survey we received responses from 1,673,535,333 sites, 225,042,277 unique domains, and 7,927,795 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 31 million sites, 2.4 million domains and 142 thousand web-facing computers.

Nginx contributed the majority of this month's growth in terms of both domains and web-facing computers. Over 1.6 million additional domains were running nginx this month, taking its total up to 52 million. Combined with a loss of 444 thousand domains using Microsoft web server software, nginx now stands only 5 million domains behind Microsoft's second place spot. Apache remains in the lead, a further 18 million domains ahead. Despite regular gains in absolute numbers, including an increase of 200 thousand this month, Apache is continuing to experience a steady decline in market share. In terms of web-facing computers, nginx's gain of 70 thousand was almost twice that of Apache and Microsoft combined, which increased by 19 thousand and 16 thousand computers respectively.

Apache's active sites market share took a large hit this month, dropping over 8 percentage points down to 30%. The loss of 13 million active sites was concentrated at the Skyrock blogging platform, where sites stopped including a server banner for HTTP requests this month, meaning they are included in the "Other" category. However, the HTTPS version of these sites still appear to be running on Apache web servers returning 'Server: Apache' headers.

OpenResty gained 160 thousand domains (+6%), ratcheting up its total to 3 million, overtaking LiteSpeed at 2.9 million domains and becoming the fifth largest web server by number of domains. The OpenResty web platform integrates the standard nginx core with a LuaJIT compiler and a number of Lua libraries and third-party modules to run powerful web applications within the web server itself.

Netcraft's Web Server Survey continues to see strong growth among many of the new gTLDs. The .app and .icu gTLDs have shown the greatest gains among new TLDs launching in the last 6-months. The number of domains responding in this month's survey increased by 11 thousand since September for Google's .app domain, to over 236 thousand domains. Registrations for .icu domains (short for "I See You") increased by 10 thousand since September, a 30% increase to 42 thousand domains. This growth for .icu has also seen the number of active sites more than double, to just over 6 thousand.

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