February 2019 Web Server Survey

In the February 2019 survey we received responses from 1,477,803,927 sites, 229,586,773 unique domains, and 8,366,753 web-facing computers. This reflects a loss of 40.4 million sites, and gains of 979k domains, and 157k web-facing computers.

Microsoft experienced the largest gain in domains this month, with a net increase of just over one million. Despite several months of relatively small fluctuating gains and losses, the number of domains running Microsoft server software is on a general upward trend. Its total now stands at 59.3 million domains, up by just under 2.6 million (+4.6%) since this time last year. However, this strong domain growth was not reflected in any other metric this month – Microsoft gained only 478 web-facing computers, made losses both in active sites and within the top million sites, and suffered a sizable loss of 65 million hostnames.

On 20 February, Microsoft published a security advisory regarding a potential denial of service vulnerability in IIS. It can be exploited by sending specially crafted HTTP/2 requests to a Microsoft IIS web server, causing CPU usage to spike to 100% until the malicious connections are killed by IIS. Microsoft has addressed this issue in February's "non-security" update by providing the ability to define limits on the number of HTTP/2 settings parameters allowed over a connection.

nginx's growth in the domains metric was some way behind Microsoft's this month, with an increase of 622k. nginx's current total of 52.6 million domains represents a growth of over 8.6 million domains (+19.1%) since February 2018 – over three times that of Microsoft – however, its market share has remained just under 3 percentage points behind Microsoft's since April 2018. In terms of web-facing computers, nginx experienced the largest increase (+102k), continuing its steady gains in market share. It now holds a 29.0% share of the web-facing computer market with a total of 2.4 million.

The latest version of nginx (1.15.9 mainline) was released on 26 February, with some small changes including two new features and two bug fixes. Another product in the nginx family, NGINX Unit 1.7.1, was also released in February to address a security vulnerability in its router process. NGINX Unit is a lightweight web application server that can serve sandboxed Go, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and – soon – Java applications.

Apache is still losing domains, with a decrease of 216k this month, and 7.3 million domains over the past year. Apache is also gradually losing market share in terms of web-facing computers, despite an overall increase in the number of public web servers using it: this month, Apache gained 32.9k web-facing computers, taking its total up to 3.2 million, while competitor growth caused its market share to fall to 38.04%. The latest version, Apache 2.4.38, was released on 22 January. This release in the 2.4.x stable branch is regarded as the best available version of Apache, and includes three security fixes and multiple bug fixes.

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