PHP growing surprisingly strongly on Windows

Although PHP is universally thought of as implying Linux, Apache and MySQL, nearly 7% of PHP sites [when counting by ip address] run on Windows. This has doubled over the last year, and on its current growth trajectory PHP will overtake Cold Fusion as the most popular non-Microsoft scripting language used on Windows during the next year.

IP Addresses on Windows Operating System PHP-Windows.PNG

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SCO site down for well over 2 days

Nick Marsh points out that the site has been down for a long time - now over two days so far according to our performance measurements.

failed requests at

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Linux distribution share likely to change

One company that has a firm grip on its customers' attention is Red Hat, which has made significant changes to the licencing, pricing and support of its Linux distribution. Red Hat is presently the most widely deployed Linux distribution on the websites we find on the internet. However, it is clearly prepared to lose significant market share in an effort to increase revenue.

Companies with the largest current exposure to Red Hat, August 2003
Hosting Company IP Addresses Active Sites Hostnames 11,987 131,326 205,239
Rackspace 6,931 57,852 141,506
Interland 20,587 57,130 119,890

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Debian Linux distribution 10 years old today

Following on from the FreeBSD project which celebrated its 10th anniversary a few months ago, the Debian Linux distribution reached the age of 10 today. Debian has been an amateur effort throughout its lifetime, and its success is a testament to how little difference money sometimes makes.

Despite the abscence of funding, Debian is the second most popular Linux distribution we find on internet web sites, surpassed only by Red Hat, and leaving the likes of SuSE and Mandrake in its wake. Arguably, Debian is the most cosmopolitan of any of the Linux distributions, having a significant following in the former Iron Curtain countries, and well represented in almost every country.

Geographical Distribution of sites running on Debian Linux

Leading sites running Debian include TheRegister and T-Mobile.

Outage at not likely to be part of general attack on Internet infrastructure

Overnight, has suffered an outage of a little over an hour. Microsoft have posted to the effect that this was caused by a [presumably non-http] denial of service that is not associated with any known vulnerability in Microsoft's own software. Speculation on Information Week that the outage might be part of a broader attack on internet infrastructure or linked to the start of the Defcon conference seems implausible, as only one other Fortune 100 site has shown an outage in the last 24 hours. Three of the 52 leading hosting providers monitored by Netcraft are showing outages in the last 24 hours, but all three are outside the US.