Most Reliable Hosting Providers during October

Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
October 1st - 31st 2004

Hoster Performance October 04

During October all of the sites monitored experienced some failed requests, with iPowerweb and INetU the most reliable sites during the period.

Five of the top ten sites were running BSD based operating systems.

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Outage for Al-Jazeera English Site

The English language version of the Al-Jazeera web site was offline for more than five hours last night, two days after the Qatar-based television network broadcast videotape of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Attempts to access returned a "504 Gateway Timeout" message from the site's web host, AT&T WorldNet Services. "The web site you are attempting to access is currently unreachable," the message states. "This may be due to a network outage, or the web site might be experiencing technical difficulties."

Al-Jazeera (English) site performance

A dynamically updating performance chart for is available here.

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Campaign cites “security reasons” for blocking access to Bush site

A campaign spokesman acknowledged that the official site of the Bush-Cheney campaign has been rejecting requests from outside North America since Monday morning. "The measure was taken for security reasons," campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel told news services, but did not elaborate on that statement.

A dynamically updating chart of site performance for from different points is available here.

Surprisingly, none of the coverage that we have seen to date has considered the possibility that it might be a well executed scheme aimed at increasing international awareness of the site.

The “calculated indifference ploy”, has previously been popularised by the fictional character Reginald Perrin, commercialised by the publishing industry who adopted the moto “If you want to sell a book, first get it banned”, and deployed by generations of parents who learned “If you really want to get something done, deny your children permission to do it”.

Many thousands of people living outside the US who were previously unaware of the site are now earnestly seeking out ways of accessing it.



Bush Campaign Web Site Rejects Non-US Visitors

The official campaign web site for U.S. President George W. Bush appears to be rejecting visitors from most points outside the United States, while allowing access from U.S. locations.

Netcraft monitors web site response times from seven locations, including four within the United States and three in other countries. Since Monday morning, requests to from stations in London, Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia have failed, while the four U.S. monitoring stations show no performance problems. Web users in Canada report they are able to visit the site. site performance from London site performance from New York

A dynamically updating chart of site performance for is available here.

On Oct. 21, began using the Akamai content distribution network to manage traffic to the site, which is hosted at SmarTech Corporation. The shift followed a six hour outage on Oct. 19, which also affected, the official web site of the Republican National Committee. Domain name system (DNS) inquiries show requests to from outside the U.S. being dropped. A request from the U.K. returns a "403 forbidden" response from the server and a web page saying "Access denied: You don't have permission to access on this server."

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UK Betting Sites Hit By Simultaneous Outages

Two prominent British betting sites have experienced simultaneous outages today, with Tote offline for more than eight hours and counting, while Sporting Bet was offline for more than three hours.


A dynamically updated graph is available here. Netcraft is monitoring the performance of twenty leading UK Internet Gambling Sites, with dynamically updating graphs available here. Continue reading

The Register Hit By DDoS Attack

The Register web site has been knocked offline today by a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). The technology news outlet says the attack began at about 7 a.m. GMT. "The attack continues — and is increasing in severity, but our hosting provider is doing what it can to mitigate its effects," the company reported.

By this afternoon, the site's performance was improved, according to The Register, which temporarily turned off its CSS stylesheets to reduce network traffic and blunt the impact of the attack.

The Register Site Performance

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