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Netcraft releases anti-phishing extension for Microsoft Edge2019/07/16
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20192019/07/01
June 2019 Web Server Survey2019/06/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20192019/06/04
CLEOR : la bijouterie en ligne victime d’un skimmer numérique2019/05/22
Fake news is bigger than PayPal2019/05/22
French jewellery chain Cleor falls victim to skimming attack2019/05/14
May 2019 Web Server Survey2019/05/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20192019/05/02
April 2019 Web Server Survey2019/04/22
Well known UK bank vulnerable to impersonation for five years2019/04/15
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20192019/04/02
March 2019 Web Server Survey2019/03/28
Fake EV certificates used in Steam trade phishing attacks2019/03/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20192019/03/06
February 2019 Web Server Survey2019/02/28
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20192019/02/05
Netcraft’s Android app now available on the Amazon Appstore2019/01/31
Netcraft releases anti-phishing app for Android2019/01/28
January 2019 Web Server Survey2019/01/24 and White House security suffer under U.S. shutdown2019/01/16
.gov security falters during U.S. shutdown2019/01/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20182019/01/03
December 2018 Web Server Survey2018/12/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20182018/12/05
November 2018 Web Server Survey2018/11/26
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20182018/11/09
October 2018 Web Server Survey2018/10/29
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20182018/10/03
September 2018 Web Server Survey2018/09/24
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20182018/09/04
August 2018 Web Server Survey2018/08/24
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20182018/08/02
July 2018 Web Server Survey2018/07/19
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20182018/07/04
June 2018 Web Server Survey2018/06/13
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20182018/06/06
May 2018 Web Server Survey2018/05/29
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20182018/05/07
April 2018 Web Server Survey2018/04/26
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20182018/04/04
March 2018 Web Server Survey2018/03/27
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20182018/03/06
nginx, Nginx, NGiИX, or NGINX?!2018/02/20
February 2018 Web Server Survey2018/02/13
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20182018/02/06
The hidden “well-known” phishing sites2018/01/29
January 2018 Web Server Survey2018/01/19
Brazilian government providing warm waters for shoals of phish2018/01/18
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20172018/01/04
December 2017 Web Server Survey2017/12/26
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20172017/12/07
LinkedIn certificate blunder leaves users LockedOut!2017/11/30
November 2017 Web Server Survey2017/11/21
Major update to Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension for Firefox2017/11/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20172017/11/03
October 2017 Web Server Survey2017/10/26
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20172017/10/05
September 2017 Web Server Survey2017/09/11
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20172017/09/04
August 2017 Web Server Survey2017/08/29
Cloud Wars: Alibaba becomes 2nd largest hosting company2017/08/22
First fishy phishing sites sighted2017/08/21
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20172017/08/04
BTC-e: Better hosting than the Feds2017/08/04
July 2017 Web Server Survey2017/07/20
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20172017/07/05
June 2017 Web Server Survey2017/06/27
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20172017/06/05
Stanford Uni site infested with hacking tools and phish for months!2017/05/31
May 2017 Web Server Survey2017/05/25
Web Shells: The Criminal’s Control Panel2017/05/18
Phishing sites react promptly to new browser changes2017/05/17
Panama’s abundance of phish!2017/05/11
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20172017/05/03
April 2017 Web Server Survey2017/04/21
Hotpoint service sites hacked2017/04/17
LEGO vs Cybersquatters: The burden of new gTLDs2017/04/14
New gTLDs: Are they a success?2017/04/13
Let’s Encrypt and Comodo issue thousands of certificates for phishing2017/04/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20172017/04/04
March 2017 Web Server Survey2017/03/24
Government websites pair up to host Apple ID phishing attack2017/03/15
Banking, news and pharmacy websites regarded “not secure” by Chrome and Firefox2017/03/09
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20172017/03/03
February 2017 Web Server Survey2017/02/27
Hackers still exploiting eBay’s stored XSS vulnerabilities in 20172017/02/17
I went to London and saw the Queen2017/02/15
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20172017/02/01
January 2017 Web Server Survey2017/01/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20162017/01/03
December 2016 Web Server Survey2016/12/21
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20162016/12/05
November 2016 Web Server Survey2016/11/22
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20162016/11/03
The Chancellor of the Exchequer sets out plans for the UK Government to work with Netcraft2016/11/01
October 2016 Web Server Survey2016/10/21
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20162016/10/13
September 2016 Web Server Survey2016/09/19
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20162016/09/06
August 2016 Web Server Survey2016/08/24
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20162016/08/03
July 2016 Web Server Survey2016/07/19
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20162016/07/05
June 2016 Web Server Survey2016/06/22
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20162016/06/03
May 2016 Web Server Survey2016/05/26
Bangladesh government exporting live phish2016/05/18
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20162016/05/04
Hook, like and sinker: Facebook serves up its own phish2016/04/22
April 2016 Web Server Survey2016/04/21
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20162016/04/04
HTTP Public Key Pinning: You’re doing it wrong!2016/03/30
Secure websites shun HTTP Public Key Pinning2016/03/22
March 2016 Web Server Survey2016/03/18
95% of HTTPS servers vulnerable to trivial MITM attacks2016/03/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20162016/03/02
February 2016 Web Server Survey2016/02/22
eBay scripting flaws being actively exploited by fraudsters2016/02/18
AlphaBay darknet phishing attack impersonates .onion domain2016/02/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20162016/02/02
January 2016 Web Server Survey2016/01/26
Brazil Gov website serving up phish and malware… again2016/01/21
US military still SHAckled to outdated DoD PKI infrastructure2016/01/08
BBC websites back to normal, DDoS mitigation reverted2016/01/05
BBC websites still suffering after DDoS attack2016/01/04
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20152016/01/04
December 2015 Web Server Survey2015/12/31
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20152015/12/03
World Bank hacked by PayPal phishers2015/11/19
November 2015 Web Server Survey2015/11/16
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20152015/11/09
Nigerian government serving up fresh phish2015/11/05
U.S. military cyber security fails to make the grade2015/10/26
One million SSL certificates still using “insecure” SHA-1 algorithm2015/10/19
October 2015 Web Server Survey2015/10/16
Fraudsters use OV certificate for phishing2015/10/13
Certificate authorities issue SSL certificates to fraudsters2015/10/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20152015/10/05
eBay phishing sites hosted by… eBay2015/09/23
September 2015 Web Server Survey2015/09/16
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20152015/09/02
Thousands short-changed by EV certificates that don’t display correctly in Chrome2015/08/24
August 2015 Web Server Survey2015/08/13
Millions still running the risk with Windows Server 20032015/08/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20152015/08/05
July 2015 Web Server Survey2015/07/22
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20152015/07/03
June 2015 Web Server Survey2015/06/25 unexpectedly offline2015/06/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20152015/06/02
Aliyun cloud growth makes Alibaba largest hosting company in China2015/05/27
May 2015 Web Server Survey2015/05/19
Counting SSL certificates2015/05/13
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20152015/05/06
DigitalOcean becomes the second largest hosting company in the world2015/05/01
Instagram forgets to renew its SSL certificate2015/04/30
Hostinger hosts over 90% of all Steam phishing sites2015/04/28
April 2015 Web Server Survey2015/04/20
Google’s April Fool’s prank inadvertently broke their security2015/04/17
Critical Windows vulnerability affects at least 70 million websites2015/04/16
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20152015/04/08
March 2015 Web Server Survey2015/03/19
Web security company inadvertently aids HMRC phishing attack2015/03/11
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20152015/03/10
Steam Community phishing attacks continue unabated2015/02/26
February 2015 Web Server Survey2015/02/24
Amazon goes down in Europe2015/02/16
North Korean websites still barely reachable since Christmas2015/02/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20152015/02/03
January 2015 Web Server Survey2015/01/15
Student Loans Company advice makes phishing easier2015/01/08
Moonpig breach highlights need for app and API testing2015/01/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20142015/01/02
Proxy auto-config attacks defeat 2-factor auth, hide using country specific content2014/12/18
December 2014 Web Server Survey2014/12/18
ICANN hit by successful spear phishing attack2014/12/17
Banks allow phishers to log in using Tor2014/12/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20142014/12/03
Typosquatters cashing in on .uk domains2014/12/02
November 2014 Web Server Survey2014/11/19
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20142014/11/05
DigitalOcean: 4th largest hosting company in under 2 years2014/10/31
Google’s POODLE affects oodles2014/10/15
October 2014 Web Server Survey2014/10/10
Phishing with data: URIs2014/10/09
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20142014/10/02
September 2014 Web Server Survey2014/09/24
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20142014/09/05
August 2014 Web Server Survey2014/08/27
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20142014/08/08
July 2014 Web Server Survey2014/07/31
Bitcoin phishers get desperate with search engine ads2014/07/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20142014/07/02
Steam phishing attacks exploiting look-alike domain names2014/06/25
Deceptive search engine ads used in Bitcoin wallet attacks2014/06/24
Criminals launch mass phishing attacks against online dating sites2014/06/18
June 2014 Web Server Survey2014/06/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20142014/06/04
National Crime Agency “urgent alert” site knocked offline2014/06/03 users being redirected to malware sites2014/06/02
PayPal redirect exploited in Apple ID phishing attack2014/05/21 goes down, takes a billion shortened URLs with it2014/05/20
POP! goes the phisher2014/05/09
Keys left unchanged in many Heartbleed replacement certificates!2014/05/09
May 2014 Web Server Survey2014/05/07
Thai Government websites infested with malware2014/05/06
SHA-2: Very cryptographic. So secure. Such growth. Wow.2014/05/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20142014/05/01
Phishers find Microsoft Azure 30-day trial irresistible!2014/04/28
Fraudsters modify eBay listings with JavaScript redirects and proxies2014/04/28
Heartbleed: Why aren’t certificates being revoked?2014/04/25
Certificate revocation: Why browsers remain affected by Heartbleed2014/04/24
Chrome users oblivious to Heartbleed revocation tsunami2014/04/18
Netcraft releases Heartbleed indicator for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera2014/04/17
Heartbleed: Revoke! The time is nigh!2014/04/15
Heartbleed certificate revocation tsunami yet to arrive2014/04/11
Half a million widely trusted websites vulnerable to Heartbleed bug2014/04/08
Thousands of websites still hosted on Windows XP2014/04/08
.Aero Air Safety Site Hijacked2014/04/04
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20142014/04/03
April 2014 Web Server Survey2014/04/02
WordPress hosting: Do not try this at home!2014/03/24
EA Games website hacked to steal Apple IDs2014/03/19
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20142014/03/04
March 2014 Web Server Survey2014/03/03
Microsoft neck and neck with Amazon in Windows hosting2014/02/26
Fake SSL certificates deployed across the internet2014/02/12
GCHQ website falls after threats from Anonymous2014/02/12
Are there really lots of vulnerable Apache web servers?2014/02/07
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20142014/02/05
NIST continues using SHA-1 algorithm after banning it2014/02/04
February 2014 Web Server Survey2014/02/03
January 2014 Web Server Survey2014/01/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20132014/01/01
DigitalOcean now growing faster than Amazon2013/12/11
December 2013 Web Server Survey2013/12/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20132013/12/05
Incentives for Phishing Site Reporters2013/11/14
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20132013/11/01
November 2013 Web Server Survey2013/11/01 blocked by Google: False positive or not?2013/10/24
US Government aiding spying… against itself2013/10/16
Phishers using CloudFlare for SSL2013/10/07
October 2013 Web Server Survey2013/10/02
President Obama forgets to renew SSL certificate2013/10/01
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20132013/10/01
Wildcard EV certificates supported by major browsers2013/09/26
Certificate Authorities struggle to comply with Baseline Requirements2013/09/23
Building the Great Cloud of China2013/09/13
Perfect Forward Secrecy in the Netcraft Extension2013/09/06
Deceptive domain and SSL certificate issued by Network Solutions2013/09/06
Free domains put Mali back on the map – for phishing2013/09/05
September 2013 Web Server Survey2013/09/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20132013/09/04
Estimating the value of hosting companies by counting computers2013/08/22
August 2013 Web Server Survey2013/08/09
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20132013/08/05
Microsoft Achieves World Domination (in OCSP Stapling)2013/07/19
July 2013 Web Server Survey2013/07/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20132013/07/01
SSL: Intercepted today, decrypted tomorrow2013/06/25
The Meteoric Rise of DigitalOcean2013/06/13
Facebook Apps hosted by Heroku used for viral Twitter phishing attack2013/06/10
Phishing attack hosted on police site with an SSL certificate2013/06/06
June 2013 Web Server Survey2013/06/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20132013/06/04
OCSP Server Performance in April 20132013/05/23
Would you knowingly trust an irrevocable SSL certificate?2013/05/23
Amazon Web Services’ growth unrelenting2013/05/20
How certificate revocation (doesn’t) work in practice2013/05/13
Live chat used in phishing attack2013/05/07
May 2013 Web Server Survey2013/05/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20132013/05/01
OCSP Server Performance in March 20132013/04/22
UGG blog used to fleece HSBC customers2013/04/16
Certificate revocation and the performance of OCSP2013/04/16
Angry Birds impersonated to distribute malware2013/04/12
Mt.Gox “victim of own success” as Bitcoins fall in value2013/04/11
Fake Mulberry stores promoted by hacked sites and black hat SEO2013/04/04
Bitcoin success attracts hacking, phishing, and fraud2013/04/03
April 2013 Web Server Survey2013/04/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20132013/04/01
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20132013/03/01
March 2013 Web Server Survey2013/03/01
Phishing by proxy2013/02/14
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20132013/02/05
February 2013 Web Server Survey2013/02/01
PHP just grows & grows2013/01/31
Netcraft removes phishing attacks in less than half the industry average time2013/01/24
January 2013 Web Server Survey2013/01/07
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20122013/01/01
World map of phishing attacks2012/12/13
December 2012 Web Server Survey2012/12/04
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20122012/12/04
Chrome version of Netcraft Anti-Phishing Extension Available2012/11/19
Phishing attacks using HTML attachments2012/11/13
CloudFlare accelerates 235,000 websites2012/11/12
New York Internet rides out the storm2012/11/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20122012/11/01
November 2012 Web Server Survey2012/11/01
Phishing Alerts for Domain Registries2012/10/25
Netcraft Taxonomy of Internet Services Companies2012/10/23
Domain Registration Risk Service now available2012/10/15
October 2012 Web Server Survey2012/10/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20122012/10/01
Phishing Alerts for Certificate Authorities2012/09/19
September 2012 Web Server Survey2012/09/10
Minimum RSA public key lengths: guidelines or rules?2012/09/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20122012/09/07
Governments and banks still using weak MD5-signed SSL certificates2012/08/31
Phishing on sites using SSL Certificates2012/08/22
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20122012/08/06
August 2012 Web Server Survey2012/08/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20122012/07/06
July 2012 Web Server Survey2012/07/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20122012/06/06
June 2012 Web Server Survey2012/06/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20122012/05/11
May 2012 Web Server Survey2012/05/02
April 2012 Web Server Survey2012/04/04
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20122012/04/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20122012/03/05
March 2012 Web Server Survey2012/03/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20122012/02/07
February 2012 Web Server Survey2012/02/07
Citrix NetScaler Serves More Than Ten Million Sites2012/02/03
Bebo outage causes shutdown rumours2012/01/31
Attacks resume against US Department of Justice2012/01/25
“Operation Italy” takes down government website2012/01/13
Attacks continue against Finnish anti-piracy website2012/01/13
Nigerian government hosts Halifax phishing site2012/01/04
January 2012 Web Server Survey2012/01/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20112012/01/01
Phishing sites using Extended Validation SSL2011/12/30
December 2011 Web Server Survey2011/12/09
Sustained LiveJournal DDoS attack continues2011/12/07
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20112011/12/06
Sustained DDoS attack against 4chan2011/11/15
November 2011 Web Server Survey2011/11/07
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20112011/11/01
Staples website knocked offline by demand2011/10/27
October 2011 Web Server Survey2011/10/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20112011/10/04
September 2011 Web Server Survey2011/09/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20112011/09/05
Governments hosted 146 new phishing sites in July2011/08/19
August 2011 Web Server Survey2011/08/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20112011/08/04
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20112011/07/08
July 2011 Web Server Survey2011/07/08
StartSSL suspends services after security breach2011/06/22
LulzSec fuels growth at CloudFlare2011/06/22
SOCA back online after DDoS attack2011/06/21 under attack?2011/06/16
AffirmTrust enters the SSL market with free certificates2011/06/16
June 2011 Web Server Survey2011/06/07
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20112011/06/01
Blogger maintenance causes extended outage2011/05/13
FOX employee data leaked “for the lulz”2011/05/12
Sony PlayStation Store back online2011/05/06
Possible security breach at LastPass forces master password changes2011/05/05
May 2011 Web Server Survey2011/05/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20112011/05/02
Fire at data centre sends Aruba offline2011/04/29
Extended Validation SSL certificates: 4 years of growth2011/04/18
April 2011 Web Server Survey2011/04/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20112011/04/06
Compromised GlobalTrust database is published online2011/04/04
LiveJournal under DDoS attack2011/04/04
Xbox LIVE director’s account hijacked over bans2011/04/04
False alarm over Samsung keylogger2011/03/31
Two further Comodo RA accounts compromised2011/03/30
Faulty switch sends BBC offline2011/03/30
Comodo Hacker releases Mozilla certificate2011/03/29
GlobalTrust websites offline after Comodo SSL breach2011/03/28
Spotify Free users attacked by malware2011/03/25
TripAdvisor email list stolen2011/03/24
Browsers vulnerable to fraudulent SSL certificates2011/03/23 believes security breach related to Silverpop hack2011/03/22 confirms security breach2011/03/22 customer emails leaked?2011/03/21
March 2011 Web Server Survey2011/03/09
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20112011/03/01 and payment APIs hit by performance issues2011/02/18
February 2011 Web Server Survey2011/02/15
Egypt back online, but some sites kept offline2011/02/02 URL shortener suffers downtime2011/02/02
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20112011/02/01 fails to cope with public demand2011/02/01
Anonymous attacks websites in Egypt2011/01/26
January 2011 Web Server Survey2011/01/12
Blackout protests against Hungary media law2011/01/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20102011/01/05
4chan boards fall to second attack2011/01/04 hits problems in run up to Christmas2010/12/22 moves next door to the CIA2010/12/22 back in the USA2010/12/14
Operation Payback’s next DDoS target: Fax machines2010/12/13
Amazon goes offline in Europe2010/12/12
MasterCard goes down as Anonymous launch 2nd attack2010/12/12 taken down by DDoS attacks2010/12/10
Operation Payback aborts attack against Amazon.com2010/12/09
Attacks against Amazon imminent2010/12/09
Strong Hosting Growth in Ireland due to Amazon EC2 Datacenter2010/12/09 taken down by botnet volunteers2010/12/08
Operation Payback site suspended for “furfaggotry”2010/12/08
DataCell takes action over rejected Visa & MasterCard payments2010/12/08
Netcraft monitors WikiLeaks and Operation Payback targets2010/12/08
MasterCard attacked by voluntary botnet after WikiLeaks decision2010/12/08
WikiLeaks supporters fight back against Swiss bank2010/12/07 goes down as EveryDNS pulls the plug again2010/12/03
French minister declares war on WikiLeaks2010/12/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20102010/12/03
WikiLeaks moves domain to Switzerland2010/12/03 taken down by US DNS provider2010/12/03
WikiLeaks ousted by Amazon, moves to Europe2010/12/02
HTML5 reaches 1% of the web2010/12/01
December 2010 Web Server Survey2010/12/01
WikiLeaks attack escalates2010/11/30
Cablegate under DDoS attack2010/11/30
WikiLeaks attacked during launch of cablegate2010/11/29
Iraq War Logs no longer served by Amazon EC22010/11/17
November 2010 Web Server Survey2010/11/05
GitHub moves to SSL, but remains Firesheepable2010/11/03
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20102010/11/03 suffers global downtime2010/11/02
WikiLeaks edges further away from the US2010/10/29
WikiLeaks edges away from the US2010/10/27
Firesheep usage leads to Idiocy2010/10/26
WikiLeaks heads for the clouds2010/10/26
Firesheep brings session hijacking to the masses2010/10/25
October 2010 Web Server Survey2010/10/12
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20102010/10/01
Twitter users fall victim to new XSS worm2010/09/21
September 2010 Web Server Survey2010/09/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20102010/09/16
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20102010/08/11
August 2010 Web Server Survey2010/08/11
July 2010 Web Server Survey2010/07/16
Firefox security test add-on was backdoored2010/07/15
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 20102010/07/07
June 2010 Web Server Survey2010/06/16
iPad: New incentive for phishing site reporters2010/06/11
Twitter still affected by networking error2010/06/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20102010/06/08
Busiest Sites Hosting Provider Switching Analysis2010/05/27
Symantec buys large share of SSL market2010/05/20
The Pirate Bay returns to the internet2010/05/18
Faulty Flash app brings XSS to Content Management Systems2010/05/14
May 2010 Web Server Survey2010/05/14
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20102010/05/13
Inside a 419 scam site2010/05/10
False Start for Cyber Security Challenge?2010/04/30
April 2010 Web Server Survey2010/04/15
Windows users vulnerable to flaw in Java Web Start2010/04/13
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20102010/04/01
March 2010 Web Server Survey2010/03/17
New browser reports over half of SSL sites may be unsafe2010/03/05
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 20102010/03/01
February 2010 Web Server Survey2010/02/22
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20102010/02/02
January 2010 Web Server Survey2010/01/07
National Rail website affected by snow2010/01/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 20092010/01/01
December 2009 Web Server Survey2009/12/24
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 20092009/12/03
24 of the 100 top HTTPS sites now safe from TLS renegotiation attacks2009/11/25
November 2009 Web Server Survey2009/11/10
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 20092009/11/03
Koala loses a little karma with Ubuntu.com2009/10/30
White House goes Open Source2009/10/27
GeoCities Closure sees Surge in Phishing2009/10/26
October 2009 Web Server Survey2009/10/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 20092009/10/01
September 2009 Web Server Survey2009/09/23
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in August 20092009/09/01
HMRC phishing site hosted on domain2009/09/01
August 2009 Web Server Survey2009/08/31 Compromised2009/08/28
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in July 20092009/08/04
July 2009 Web Server Survey2009/07/28
DataPipe had the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in June 20092009/07/01
Faster Actions Needed Against Phishing Domains2009/06/22
June 2009 Web Server Survey2009/06/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in May 20092009/06/02
F5 BIG-IP Hosts 10 Million Sites2009/05/29
May 2009 Web Server Survey2009/05/27
Most IIS Sites Unlikely to be Affected by WebDAV Vulnerability2009/05/20
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in April 20092009/05/05
April 2009 Web Server Survey2009/04/06
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in March 20092009/04/01
Deluge of Browser Security Issues Drives Mass Migration2009/04/01
March 2009 Web Server Survey2009/03/15
New York Internet was the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in February 20092009/03/02
Extended Validation SSL Certificates 2 Years Old2009/02/27
February 2009 Web Server Survey2009/02/18
New Phishing Attacks Combine Wildcard DNS and XSS2009/02/17
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 20092009/02/03
One Million SSL Sites on the Web2009/02/01 Completes Move to Microsoft-IIS/7.52009/01/29
January 2009 Web Server Survey2009/01/16
Widespread vulnerabilities found in programs which use OpenSSL2009/01/08
New Incentives for Phishing Site Reporters2009/01/06
New York Internet and WestHost are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies in December 20082009/01/02
14% of SSL Certificates signed using Vulnerable MD5 Algorithm2009/01/01
December 2008 Web Server Survey2008/12/24
Most Reliable Hosting Companies in November 20082008/12/16
November 2008 Web Server Survey2008/11/19 is the Most Reliable Hosting Company in October 20082008/11/11
October 2008 Web Server Survey2008/10/29
Ongoing Phishing Attack Exposes Yahoo Accounts2008/10/26
Rackspace and ZeroLag Communications are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies in September 20082008/10/23
Citigroup Phishing surged after Wachovia Announcement2008/10/03
September 2008 Web Server Survey2008/09/30
Hurricane Electric is the Most Reliable Hosting Company in August 20082008/09/08
August 2008 Web Server Survey2008/08/29
Verio is the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in July 20082008/08/01
Netcraft Toolbar for Firefox 3 – Win an iPod2008/07/31
July 2008 Web Server Survey2008/07/07
Aplus.Net is the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in June 20082008/07/07
Facebook Outage Affects Multiple Countries2008/06/26
June 2008 Web Server Survey2008/06/22
Mozilla Outage on Firefox 3 Record Launch Day2008/06/17
SSL Certificates Vulnerable to OpenSSL Flaw on Debian2008/06/12
INetU is the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in May 20082008/06/12
PayPal XSS Vulnerability Undermines EV SSL Security2008/05/16
May 2008 Web Server Survey2008/05/06
NaviSite is the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in April 20082008/05/02
Slashdot, SourceForge Back Online After Outage2008/04/30
Clinton and Obama XSS Battle Develops2008/04/24
CNN Site Bears the Brunt of Chinese Attackers2008/04/22
Hacker Redirects Barack Obama’s site to hillaryclinton.com2008/04/21
April 2008 Web Server Survey2008/04/14
INetU is the Most Reliable Hosting Company Site in March 20082008/04/14
Google Spreadsheets vulnerability exposes IE users’ Gmail, Documents and more2008/04/14
Google Offers Free Web Application Hosting2008/04/08
Amazon’s EC2 Takes On Web Hosting Market2008/03/28
TRUSTe “Verified by haxors”2008/03/27
March 2008 Web Server Survey2008/03/26
MySpace adopts Windows Server 20082008/03/26
Tiscali Italia is the Most Reliable Hosting Company in February 20082008/03/04
Extended Validation certificates and XSS considered harmful2008/02/27
Extended Validation SSL Certificates now 1 Year Old2008/02/17
Swishmail is the Most Reliable Hosting Company in January 20082008/02/12
February 2008 Web Server Survey2008/02/06
Fraudster using phone numbers to receive authentication details2008/02/04
January 2008 Web Server Survey2008/01/28
Mr-Brain: Stealing Phish from Fraudsters2008/01/22
Italian Bank’s XSS Opportunity Seized by Fraudsters2008/01/08
Swishmail and iWeb are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies in December 20072008/01/06
Phishing kits take advantage of novice fraudsters2008/01/03
December 2007 Web Server Survey2007/12/29
Hurricane Electric is the Most Reliable Hosting Companies in November 20072007/12/17
November 2007 Web Server Survey2007/11/23
DataPipe and Rackspace are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies in October 20072007/11/19
Tiscali Italia, Rackspace and Seeweb are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies In September 20072007/10/15
October 2007 Web Server Survey2007/10/11
BBC News Knocked Offline by Performance Changes2007/10/11
Google Fixes Gmail Cross-site Request Forgery Vulnerability2007/09/30
Hackers Crack Layered Tech Database2007/09/20
INetU, New York Internet and Acens are the Most Reliable Hosting Companies In August 20072007/09/13
September 2007 Web Server Survey2007/09/03 Hit By Downtime2007/08/22
Human Error Knocks Cisco Web Site Offline2007/08/09
August 2007 Web Server Survey2007/08/06
$100 Million Expansion for Rackspace2007/08/05
iWeb Technologies is Most Reliable Hosting Company In July 20072007/08/01
Lengthy Downtime Due to Affinity-Hostway Migration2007/07/30
Service Outage for Fasthosts2007/07/19
July 2007 Web Server Survey2007/07/09
Tiscali is Most Reliable Hosting Company In June 20072007/07/08
Performance Issues for Yahoo2007/07/06
IXEurope Acquired by Equinix2007/06/28 Bought by WebSite Pros2007/06/27
Windows Server 2008 Sighted at and around the web2007/06/26
Rackspace and New York Internet Most Reliable Hosting Companies In May 20072007/06/15
June 2007 Web Server Survey2007/06/08
Go Daddy Assumes 850,000 RegisterFly Domains2007/05/29
P2P Networks Hijacked for DDoS Attacks2007/05/23
Internet Passes 600,000 SSL Sites2007/05/15
U.S. Military Blocks MySpace2007/05/14
IPOWER, Endurance International Announce Merger2007/05/09
Rackspace, Easynet and Easyspace Most Reliable Hosting Companies In April 20072007/05/09
May 2007 Web Server Survey2007/05/01
DataPipe, Navisite, and Most Reliable Hosting Companies In March 20072007/04/16
Microsoft Patches Critical MCMS Security Hole2007/04/11
Hostway Acquires Affinity Internet2007/04/04
Open Source Parking Spoofing Headers to Benefit Apache2007/04/04
April 2007 Web Server Survey2007/04/02
New Google Ads Could Influence Hosting Affiliate Programs2007/03/23
Two RegisterFly Sites Online as Ousted CEO Returns2007/03/12
RegisterFly Site Goes Offline2007/03/06
Globix, Hostway and Kattare Most Reliable Hosting Companies In February 20072007/03/06
WordPress Distribution Compromised, Update Released2007/03/03
March 2007 Web Server Survey2007/02/23
With RegisterFly in Chaos, ICANN Threatens Action2007/02/23
Netcraft Google Gadgets Released2007/02/20
January Phishing Site Competition Winners2007/02/15
Netcraft Toolbar Ranks Best in Third-Party Testing2007/02/07
Netcraft Phishing Feed To Protect Microsoft Customers2007/02/06
New York Internet, and iWeb8 Most Reliable Hosting Companies In January 20072007/02/04
February 2007 Web Server Survey2007/02/02
New York Internet and ThePlanet Most Reliable Hosting Companies In December 20062007/01/24
World of Warcraft Slowed By Expansion Traffic2007/01/17
The Planet Completes Integration, Retires EV1Servers Brand2007/01/16
Phishing Attacks Continue to Grow in Sophistication2007/01/15
Phishing By The Numbers: 609,000 Blocked Sites in 20062007/01/15
January 2007 Web Server Survey2007/01/05
Taiwan Earthquake Limits Access To Chinese Hosts2006/12/27
DDoS Attack Targets CafePress.com2006/12/22
November Phishing Site Competition Winners2006/12/10
Tiscali Most Reliable Hoster in November2006/12/05
December 2006 Web Server Survey2006/12/05
CrystalTech hit By Cyber Monday DDoS2006/12/01
Outages for MediaTemple Grid Hosting Service2006/11/29
Amazon’s Alexa Hit By Performance Problems2006/11/21
October Phishing Site Competition Winners2006/11/15
Lieberman Web Site Faces Election Day Test2006/11/07
Microsoft Approved as ICANN Registrar2006/11/07
Rackspace and Tiscali Most Reliable Hosters in October2006/11/06
November 2006 Web Server Survey2006/11/01
Paypal Remains Online Despite Explosion2006/11/01
MySpace Accounts Compromised by Phishers2006/10/27
Extended Downtime for Mosso2006/10/18
Price Competition Emerges in Grid Hosting2006/10/17
September Phishing Site Competition Winners2006/10/09
Rackspace Most Reliable Hoster in September2006/10/07
October 2006 Web Server Survey2006/10/06
Globix Sells US Unit, Exits Hosting Business2006/10/03
HostGator: cPanel Security Hole Exploited in Mass Hack2006/09/23
Hacked HostGator Sites Distribute IE Exploit2006/09/22
Bank, Customers Spar Over Phishing Losses2006/09/13
DataPipe Accepts $12M Investment2006/09/13
OpenSSL Vulnerable to Forged Signatures2006/09/07
Three Hosters Share Most Reliable Hoster in August2006/09/06
September 2006 Web Server Survey2006/09/05
Who can block the largest number of phishing sites in September?2006/09/01
Thousands of Spanish Web Sites Knocked Offline by Software Error2006/08/30 Hit By Outages as Ernesto Approaches2006/08/29
BAA Website Slowed As Travelers Seek Heathrow Updates2006/08/10
Go Daddy Cancels Planned IPO2006/08/09
LA Hosting Providers Slowed by Power Problems2006/08/02
Six Hosting Providers Share Most Reliable Hoster2006/08/02
August 2006 Web Server Survey2006/08/01
eNom Buys BulkRegister, Passes Network Solutions2006/07/27
Hosting Deals Boomed in First Half of 20062006/07/26
MySpace Outage Pinpointed at LA Telecom Building2006/07/25
EurID Suspends 74K .eu Names, Citing Registrar Abuse2006/07/24
Power Outage Knocks Offline2006/07/24
Super-sized Budget Hosting Plans Offer 100 GB of Disk Space2006/07/22
American DNS Providers Continue Services to UK Betting Sites2006/07/22
HostingCon: Affiliate Referrals, Click Fraud Drive Up Marketing Costs2006/07/20
PayPal XSS Exploit available for two years?2006/07/20
Fraudsters Attack Two-Factor Authentication2006/07/13
New CEO Mulls Future Path for The Planet/ EV1Servers2006/07/12
IPowerWeb Most Reliable Hoster in June2006/07/11
July 2006 Web Server Survey2006/06/28
SQL Injection Weaknesses Found in Mambo, Joomla2006/06/27
Network Problems for Level 3, Wiltel2006/06/26
Lengthy Downtime for Fasthosts2006/06/26
PayPal Security Flaw allows Identity Theft2006/06/16
UK Betting Sites Hit By Outages During World Cup2006/06/13
Scoble News Bogs Down Podtech.net2006/06/12
Six Hosting Companies Most Reliable Hoster in May2006/06/06
June 2006 Web Server Survey2006/06/04
Most sites ready for SSL progress2006/05/31
Cogent Network Outages Affect Some Sites2006/05/24
Melbourne IT Buys WebCentral in Australian Merger2006/05/22
VeriSign To Buy GeoTrust, Combining Top SSL Providers2006/05/17
Blue Security Shuts Down, Citing DDoS Attacks2006/05/17
Parent of 1&1 Internet Buys UK’s Fasthosts2006/05/10
May 2006 Web Server Survey2006/05/09
The Planet, EV1Servers Are Acquired by GI Partners2006/05/05 Disappears from the Web2006/05/03
DDoS on Blue Security Blog Knocks Typepad, LiveJournal Offline2006/05/03
Rackspace Most Reliable Hoster in April2006/05/02
eNom Bought by Start-Up Led by Former MySpace CEO2006/05/02
World of Warcraft Plans Upgrade to Fix Performance Woes2006/04/28
Apache Now the Leader in SSL Servers2006/04/26
Outage for Wikipedia Web Site2006/04/20
Perens Launches Open Source Domain Parking Service2006/04/17
Hostopia Most Reliable Hoster in March2006/04/07
April 2006 Web Server Survey2006/04/06
Phishers Hack Bank Sites, Redirect Customers2006/03/27
Domain Registrar Joker Hit by DDoS2006/03/26
Widespread Outages for World of Warcraft2006/03/25
Bot Authors Targeting phpBB Forums2006/03/20
Chinese Bank’s Server Used in Phishing Attacks on US Banks2006/03/12
Hackers Targeting Mambo Security Holes2006/03/10
March 2006 Web Server Survey2006/03/06
New Reseller Service Offers Utility Computing for $100 a Month2006/03/04
DDoS Attacks Target Prominent Blogs2006/02/28
Google Launches Free Hosting Service2006/02/23
Internet Titans Target Ad Revenue From Free Web Hosting2006/02/17
Payment Gateway StormPay Battling Sustained DDoS Attack2006/02/10
Go Daddy 2005 Super Bowl Ad Followed by Huge Gains2006/02/03
February 2006 Web Server Survey2006/02/02
PHP Apps A Growing Target for Hackers2006/01/31
ChoicePoint Fined $10 Million for Data Breach2006/01/26
DDoS Attack Cited in Million Dollar Homepage Outage2006/01/13
Million Dollar Homepage Hit By Downtime2006/01/12
MacWorld Expo Site Falters During Jobs Keynote2006/01/10
January 2006 Web Server Survey2006/01/05
Who can block the largest number of phishing sites in January?2006/01/05
Microsoft WMF Fix Released ‘Inadvertently’2006/01/04
Phishing By The Numbers: 41,000 Blocked Sites in 20052005/12/31
Interland Will Change Its Name to Web.com2005/12/29
Phishing Attacks Evolved Steadily Throughout 20052005/12/29
More than 450 Phishing Attacks Used SSL in 20052005/12/28
Browser Changes An Opportunity for SSL Certificate Authorities2005/12/27
Go Daddy Wrangling with ABC Censors Over 2006 Super Bowl Ad2005/12/26
Exploit Targets New phpBB Security Hole2005/12/22
Another Lengthy Blogosphere Service Outage2005/12/20
Performance Problems Persist for TypePad2005/12/16
Hostway Most Reliable Hoster in November2005/12/14
US Government Security Site Vulnerable to Common Attack2005/12/14
Downtime for RIAA Web Site2005/12/14
Oil Depot Fire Knocks Web Sites Offline2005/12/12
Critical Security Hole in PHPMyAdmin2005/12/09
Strong growth for Debian2005/12/05
eBay Fooled by Fast-moving Phishing Scam2005/12/05
December 2005 Web Server Survey2005/12/02
Netcraft Toolbar Available for Firefox 1.52005/12/02
Phishers Exploit Open Redirect on U.S. Government Site2005/12/01
Solid Performance for Firefox Download Site2005/11/30
Microsoft Launches Free Email Services for Domain Owners2005/11/29
Hacked Server Exposes Brokerage Customers’ Data2005/11/29
Yahoo, iPowerWeb Slash Domain Prices to Below $32005/11/28
Google Closes Security Holes in Google Base2005/11/18
Report a phishing site, gain a chance to win an Ipod2005/11/17
Fiber Cuts Cause Major Outage at Cogent2005/11/17
Sluggish Performance for Paypal Web Site2005/11/16
Sony DRM Patch Creates Serious Security Hole2005/11/15
Podcasts Help Drive Demand for High-Volume Hosting2005/11/14
Malware Knocks Virtual World Offline2005/11/14
Microsoft Update Will Remove Sony DRM Rootkit2005/11/13
November 2005 Web Server Survey2005/11/07
Datapipe, Rackspace and Interland Most Reliable Hosters in October 20052005/11/07
Hosting Wars Heat Up as Microsoft Readies Free Service2005/11/07
Attacks Target XML-RPC Flaws in PHP Blogging Apps2005/11/06
New 1&1 Hosting Packages Start at $2.99 a Month2005/10/27
Zipa Gains Nearly 1 Million Sites As It Weathers Katrina2005/10/26
Domain Parking Industry Faces A Shakeout2005/10/26
Bank Shuts Down Web Site After Phishing Attack2005/10/22
Level 3 Network Problems Affect Web Traffic2005/10/21
Google Draws Fire Over Blogspot Spam Blogs2005/10/17
Microsoft Updates Fix for Critical Win2K Hole2005/10/17
Video iPod Launch Slows Apple Store2005/10/12
OpenSSL Patches Security Hole2005/10/11
Phishing Defense a Key Factor in eBay-VeriSign Deal2005/10/11
VeriSign Acquires, Declares War on ‘Splogs’2005/10/07
October 2005 Web Server Survey2005/10/04
Hostway, Datapipe, France Telecom and Express Technologies Most Reliable Hosters in September 20052005/10/02
Scams Targeting Online Games: Old Phish With Fresh Bait2005/09/28
Opera Site Slowed by Surge in Free Downloads2005/09/22
EV1Servers Hunkers Down for Hurricane Rita2005/09/22 Domain Sells for $1.4 Million2005/09/21
Report: Cisco Flaw Could Allow Router Worm2005/09/20
Hackers Targeting Security Hole in Twiki2005/09/16
Katrina Knocks Out 100-plus Networks, But Few Relocate2005/09/13
New Vulnerability in Firefox Browser2005/09/09
Interland Sells Dedicated Server Business to Peer 12005/09/07
September 2005 Web Server Survey2005/09/05
Datapipe, Rackspace and Tiscali Most Reliable Hosters in August 20052005/09/04
DirectNIC Stays Online in New Orleans Facility2005/08/31
1&1 Offers Private Registration With $5.99 Domains2005/08/30
Weather Sites Remain Online During Storm2005/08/30
DDoS Attacks Target Domain Advertising Services2005/08/29
Banks Shifting Logins to Non-SSL Pages2005/08/23
Cisco Intrusion Detection Products May Allow Intrusion2005/08/22
Netcraft Toolbar Adopts Mirror Image for Caching & Content Distribution2005/08/21
No Major Impact on Web Sites From New Windows Worm2005/08/17
Exploits Released for Latest Microsoft Flaws2005/08/12, Sell for $750,000 Apiece2005/08/12
Jumpline, Domicile and Pair Networks Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites during July2005/08/01
Web Server Survey Turns 10, Finds 70 Million Sites2005/08/01
Phishers Steal Trust from eBay Sign In Pages2005/07/29
Domain Pay-Per-Click Services Growing Rapidly2005/07/28
EurID Says No Domain Resellers for .eu Names2005/07/27
Extended Outages for World of Warcraft2005/07/26
Performance Issues for Mozilla Web Site2005/07/25
Free Trials Offered by .name Registry2005/07/24
ICANN, VeriSign Will Consider Changes on .net Agreement2005/07/14
eNom Grabs 320,000 More .info Names2005/07/11
ICANN: VeriSign Can Raise .net Prices in 20072005/07/08
Hosts Ban phpBB As Security Issues Persist2005/07/08
UK News Sites Flooded After London Blasts2005/07/07
Major Newspaper Sites Hobbled by Power Woes2005/07/06
PHP Blogging Apps Vulnerable to XML-RPC Exploits2005/07/04
Rackspace, Interland and 1& Most Reliable Hosting Company Site during June2005/07/01
July 2005 Web Server Survey2005/07/01
Security: The Missing Ingredient in Buzz About RSS2005/06/25
New Phishing Attacks Eliminate Need for Target Web Site2005/06/24
Outages for LinuxWorld Web Site2005/06/23
eBay Enters Hosting As Tool to Retain Power Sellers2005/06/22
Yahoo Domains: $9.95 or $4.98?2005/06/21
Lax Security Cited in Massive Credit Card Data Theft2005/06/18
EV1Servers Selling Fewer Servers, But at Higher Prices2005/06/17
Security Hole in PDF Reader Could Expose Local Files2005/06/17
Hosting Automation Firms Tout Converged Services2005/06/15
Wave of Phishing Attacks Hit Regional Banks, Credit Unions2005/06/13
1&1 Internet Now Hosts 5 Million Sites2005/06/13
Bank Mergers Provide Opportunity for Phishing2005/06/09
More Deals, Funding Ahead for the Hosting Industry2005/06/08
Meet With Netcraft at HostingCon, Chicago, June 6-72005/06/02
Hostway and Energis Share Most Reliable Hosting Company Site during May2005/06/02
June 2005 Web Server Survey2005/06/01
Firefox version of Netcraft Toolbar Available2005/05/24
Security Breach at US Banks Offers Opportunity for Phishers2005/05/24
Researcher: Attack Could Expose SSL Certs on Shared Servers2005/05/20
Honeynet Reports on Traffic to Phishing Sites2005/05/20
Online Vigilantes Fight Back Against Phishing Fraudsters2005/05/18
Microsoft Offers Improved Blogging Tools to Windows Hosters2005/05/18
More Large Hosts Offering Free Domains With Hosting2005/05/16
Fraudsters seek to make phishing sites undetectable by content filters2005/05/12
Brief Outages at Google, eBay Make Headlines2005/05/10
Network Solutions Becomes SSL Certificate Authority2005/05/09
Registrars’ Push Into Hosting Yields Strong Growth2005/05/06
1&1 Targets UK Businesses with Free Hosting, Domain2005/05/05
Fraudsters deploy Botnets as DNS Servers to Sustain Phishing Attacks2005/05/04
Interland, Rackspace and Hostway Share Most Reliable Hosting Company Site during April2005/05/04
New Version of Netcraft Toolbar Available2005/05/02
May 2005 Web Server Survey2005/05/01
Striking Amen Workers Blog for Their Jobs2005/04/22
Papal Domains for Auction on eBay, Sedo2005/04/20
DDoS Attacks Target Final Fantasy XI2005/04/19
Vulnerability in CVS Software is Patched2005/04/19
‘Popesquatting’ Seen on Potential Papal Domains2005/04/18
EV1Servers Becomes ICANN Registrar2005/04/18
Conclave’s Start Slows Vatican Web Site2005/04/18
Hosting Growing Pains for Blog Networks2005/04/15
Rackspace Most Reliable Hosting Company Site during March2005/04/12
ClaraNet Agrees to Buy VIA.Net Works2005/04/12
More Big Hosts Becoming ICANN Domain Registrars2005/04/11 Lowers Domain Pricing2005/04/11
Red Hat’s Use of Proprietary Blog Software Questioned2005/04/04
April 2005 Web Server Survey2005/04/01
Surge of Traffic Slows Vatican Web Site2005/04/01
Outages for Sites Hosted at The Planet2005/03/31
VeriSign Likely to Keep .net Registry2005/03/29
Extended Outages for World of Warcraft2005/03/23
VMyths Web Site for Sale on eBay2005/03/23
Registrar Converts Domain ‘Parking Lot’ Into Ad Revenue2005/03/21
Dotster Tops 1 Million Hostnames With .info Landgrab2005/03/21
VIA.Net Works Faces Cash Crisis, Seeks Buyer2005/03/21
Banks Hit by Cross-Frame Phishing Attacks2005/03/17
Panix Hijack Prompts ICANN Review of Resellers’ Role2005/03/17
Honeynet: At Least 1 Million Machines in use as Botnets2005/03/14
Fedora makes rapid progress2005/03/14 Domain Resold for $700,0002005/03/12
Online Banking Industry Very Vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting Frauds2005/03/11
Site Outage for Slashdot, OSTG2005/03/10
Windows NT4 Holdouts Open to Security Hole2005/03/10
Rackspace Most Reliable Hosting Company Site during February2005/03/07
Phishers Use Wildcard DNS to Build Convincing Bait URLs2005/03/07
DNS Poisoning Scam Raises Wariness of ‘Pharming’2005/03/07
Network Solutions Enters Hosting With Free Domain Offer2005/03/04
March 2005 Web Server Survey Finds 60 Million Sites2005/03/01
The Apache Project Turns 102005/02/28
Four Sites Targeted by Mugu Marauder Now Offline2005/02/28
Firefox, Opera Updates Address IDN Spoofing2005/02/27
More Security Problems for phpBB2005/02/22
Power Outage Knocks Wikipedia Offline2005/02/22
Search-Optimized Domain Portfolio Sells for $164 Million2005/02/22
Firefox to Disable IDN Support as Phishing Defense2005/02/15
With MCI Deal, Verizon Will Acquire Huge Hosting Operation2005/02/14
Steady Uptime for Microsoft, Symantec in Delivering Critical Updates2005/02/14
Go Daddy’s Blog Strategy Maximized Super Bowl Ad Boost2005/02/14
LokiTorrent Shuttered by MPAA Lawsuit2005/02/11
Extended Outage for Torrent Hub LokiTorrent2005/02/10
Netfirms Cuts Domain Price to $4.95 a Year2005/02/09
Spyware Activist Web Site Targeted By DDoS Attack2005/02/09
phpBB Site Cracked, Developers Locked Out2005/02/08
Most Advertiser Web Sites Survive Super Bowl Traffic2005/02/07
Non-Microsoft Browsers Have Spoofing Flaw2005/02/07
UK Betting Sites Hit by Outages as Super Bowl Nears2005/02/05
Google Domain Strategy Could Impact Domain Resale Values2005/02/02
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during January2005/02/01
February 2005 Web Server Survey Finds 40 Million Sites on Apache2005/02/01
Google Is Now A Domain Registrar2005/01/31
SBC Deal for AT&T Raises Hosting Decision for Comcast2005/01/31
Go Daddy Doubles Super Bowl Ads, Has One Rejected by Fox2005/01/30
Malicious Bot Targets MySQL Databases With Weak Passwords2005/01/27
1&1 Offers Free “Test Drive” Accounts2005/01/24
Yahoo Extends $4.98 Domain Offer, Go Daddy Cuts Price2005/01/24
SCO Issues OpenSSL Patch, 10 Months Late2005/01/23
Lapse at Melbourne IT Enabled Hijacking2005/01/18
Earthlink’s Corporate Blog Hosted Offsite2005/01/18
Toolbar community reports Internet Explorer address bar spoofing vulnerabilities actively exploited2005/01/16
Server Struggles Slow Torrent Hub LokiTorrent2005/01/14
Apple Store, MacWorld Expo Sites Slowed by Heavy Traffic2005/01/12
Firefox Makes Gains as RSS Reader2005/01/11
Go Daddy Enters Dedicated Server, VPS Markets2005/01/10
Infrastructure A Driver In Six Apart-LiveJournal Deal2005/01/06
Datapipe most reliable hosting company site during second half of 20042005/01/03
January 2005 Web Server Survey2005/01/01
Netcraft Toolbar Day 1 Summary2004/12/29
Netcraft Toolbar Tutorial2004/12/29
Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar Available for Download2004/12/28
Windows NT4 Still Widely Used As Support Ends2004/12/27
Santy Worm Spreads Through phpBB Forums2004/12/21
Go Daddy Will Buy Super Bowl Ad2004/12/21
PHP Exploit Enables Theft of phpBB Passwords2004/12/18
Hosts Disable Movable Type as Comment Spam Slows Servers2004/12/17
Phishers Target .ca Domain Name Owners2004/12/15
1&1 Internet, The Planet Are 2004 Hosting Growth Leaders2004/12/14
Tect’s 1.1 Million Sites Bought by Freenet2004/12/14
As Phishers Analyze Sites, Regulators Focused on Bank Site Security2004/12/11
Yahoo Slashes Domain prices to $4.982004/12/11 switches to self-hosted FreeBSD server, upgrades to Solaris 9, not 102004/12/11
Tech Giants Target Phishing as New Threats Emerge2004/12/08
Mac Enthusiast Sites Hosted on Linux, FreeBSD2004/12/07
SunTrust site exploited by fraudsters2004/12/06
Lycos Ends AntiSpam Effort, Denies Downing Spam Sites2004/12/06
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during November2004/12/02
Lycos Screensaver Site Changed, Now Says “Stay Tuned”2004/12/02
Lycos Screensaver Site Blocked by Internet Backbones2004/12/02
Spam Sites Crippled by Lycos Screensaver DDoS2004/12/01
December 2004 Web Server Survey2004/12/01
Republicans Blocking International Access to Official Sites2004/11/30
SCO “own all your code”2004/11/29
Phishing Activity Surges Ahead of Holiday E-commerce Season2004/11/27
SCO Web Sites Experience Outages2004/11/22
The Register Among Sites Serving Banner Malware2004/11/22
IFRAME Exploit Spreading Through Banner Ads2004/11/21
Flexible Plans Drive Huge Growth at The Planet2004/11/17
Microsoft Unveils New Tools for Windows Hosting2004/11/16
Solaris Remains Top Choice Among Fortune 1002004/11/16
NetSol Locks Domains, But Others Say Concerns Are Overblown2004/11/10
Firefox Launch Slows Mozilla Site2004/11/09
Domain Transfers (and Hijackings) to Become Easier2004/11/09 Reopens to Rest of World2004/11/08
Extended Outage for Komplex Hosting2004/11/08
Interland Sees Gains With $7.95 Domain Pricing2004/11/08
Mirrors Help Blunt DDoS Attacks2004/11/02
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during October2004/11/01
Google sites plagued by phishing opportunities2004/11/01
November 2004 Web Server Survey2004/11/01
Outage for Al-Jazeera English Site2004/11/01
New URL Spoofing Flaw Found in Internet Explorer2004/10/29
Campaign cites “security reasons” for blocking access to Bush site2004/10/28
Bush Campaign Web Site Rejects Non-US Visitors2004/10/26
Hacked PostNuke Site Distributes Malicious Code2004/10/26
New Google Desktop Exploit Discovered2004/10/25
Deceptive domain attacks launched against customers of Wells Fargo, Paypal, AOL, … even Red Hat2004/10/25
Google fix source disclosing error condition2004/10/25
Red Hat Users Targeted by Bogus Advisory2004/10/25
Google fix second phishing vulnerability2004/10/22
UK Betting Sites Hit By Simultaneous Outages2004/10/21
Microsoft Blogger: Replace Windows Passwords With Passphrases2004/10/21
Phishing Attacks possible on Google2004/10/20
The Register Hit By DDoS Attack2004/10/20
RSS Focus Shifts to Bandwidth Management2004/10/20
Diebold Among Sites Still Running Windows NT42004/10/18
Fraudsters go Phishing on eBay2004/10/15
Latest IE Flaws Provide Opportunity for Phishers2004/10/14
Outages Persist for PSIGate Payment Gateway2004/10/13
Paypal Site Performance Improves2004/10/13
Redesign Cripples Paypal Service2004/10/12
Cardholders targetted by Phishing attack using visa-secure.com2004/10/08
Sipence Grabs 1 Million .info Domains, Sparking Controversy2004/10/08
ASP.NET Security Flaw Can Bypass Password2004/10/07
Peer 1 Buys ServerBeach for $7.5 Million2004/10/06
Worldpay Disrupted by DDoS Attacks2004/10/04
October 2004 Web Server Survey2004/10/01
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during September2004/10/01
Security Holes in WordPress Blogging Tool2004/09/30
Phishers Manipulate SunTrust Site to Steal Data2004/09/28 Says New Defenses Stymie DDoS Attack2004/09/28
Consolidation Hits Web Site Payment Processors2004/09/28
JPEG Exploit Attempt Sent to Newsgroups2004/09/28
As More Exploits Emerge, Security Groups Prep for JPEG Attack2004/09/23
DDoS Attacks Target Authorize.net2004/09/20
Baltimore Fire Knocks Alabanza Offline2004/09/20
Ivan Causes Downtime, Damage at Data Centers2004/09/20
Exploit for Microsoft JPEG Flaw Is Published2004/09/17
Latest MyDoom DDoS Targets Symantec2004/09/16
4.6 Million Domains Registered in Second Quarter2004/09/15
New Worm Installs Network Traffic Sniffer2004/09/13
September 11 + 3 years: Distributed Data Key to Wall Street Disaster Plans2004/09/10
EV1Servers Expands, Adding VPS and Managed Services2004/09/09
Botnet with 10,000 Machines Shut Down2004/09/08
Alternate Registrar Continues Strong Growth2004/09/07
Apache Rejects Sender ID Proposal2004/09/02
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during August2004/09/02
September 2004 Web Server Survey2004/08/31
U.S. Defense, Senate Computers are Zombie Spammers2004/08/31
Gigabyte is New Yardstick as Hosts Compete on Storage2004/08/24
Errant Anchor Blamed for Knocking Island Nation Offline2004/08/24
BlogAds Site Experiencing Outage2004/08/24
As Google Gains, Private Hosts Ponder IPO Opportunities2004/08/19
Will Yahoo Shake Up Domain Pricing Trends?2004/08/18
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during July2004/08/17
Yahoo Introduces $9.95 Domains, Expanded Hosting Storage2004/08/17
FreeBSD Web Site Experiencing Outage2004/08/14
Top Weather Sites Manage Traffic from Hurricane Charley2004/08/14
Life Span of a Phishing Site Averages 54 Hours2004/08/14
Interview with Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Internet Security2004/08/13
VIA Net.Works Buys PSINet Europe2004/08/11
Microsoft Shelves bCentral for Own Hosting Brand2004/08/10
Spoofing Flaws for Firefox, Mozilla and Opera2004/08/10
Phishing Attacks Using Banner Ads to Spread Malware2004/08/06
Goodbye spam – but at what price?2004/08/05
LinuxWorld Expo Site Powered by Windows Server 20032004/08/04
Interview: CEO Tony Yustein2004/08/04
Dutch Hosts Pace Strong July Showing for Europeans2004/08/03
Beyond MP32004/08/02
August 2004 Web Server Survey2004/08/01
Zindos Worm Having No Visible Effect on Microsoft Site2004/07/30
MySQL Developer Enters Hosting Business2004/07/30
DDoS Attack on DoubleClick Slows Many Sites2004/07/28
MyDoom Spread Illustrates Challenge for Phishing Defense2004/07/27
Will Firefox repeat Netscape’s mistakes?2004/07/26
Host Europe to Rebrand as European Hosting Consolidation Continues2004/07/23
Surge in Scans Seeking SSL Servers2004/07/22
RSS Traffic Burdens Publisher’s Servers2004/07/19
Bank’s own developers a much bigger problem than browsers2004/07/18
Sun setting on an era?2004/07/16
Slight Linux Market Share Loss for Red Hat2004/07/12
Rapid Pace of Hosting Growth Slows in June2004/07/12
P2P – to be or not to be?2004/07/12
1&1 Internet AG, EV1Servers and ThePlanet Fastest Growing Hosting Providers2004/07/07
UK Betting Sites Hit By Outages2004/07/06
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during June2004/07/05
Browser Wars to recommence?2004/07/05
Microsoft Releases Fix for IE Phishing Exploit2004/07/02
July 2004 Web Server Survey2004/07/01
Hackers Manipulating Internet Explorer Add-Ons2004/06/30
Yahoo Slashes Domain Name Pricing by $202004/06/29
Facing the music2004/06/28
IIS Server Malware is Phishing Scam2004/06/25
IIS Exploit Infecting Web Site Visitors With Malware2004/06/25
1&1 Launches Windows Server 2003 Marketing Push2004/06/25
Cobalt Shows Gains After Source is Opened2004/06/24
Phishing Attacks Level Off in May2004/06/22
Tomorrow’s great Eclipse2004/06/22
As Blogging Icons Mend Fences, GPLed Blog Tools Reap Buzz2004/06/21
RIAA Site Still Battling MyDoom.F2004/06/17
Akamai Attack Highlights Threat From Bot Networks2004/06/16
Network Solutions Gaining Hostnames After Long Slide2004/06/16
Growth in Hostnames, IP Addresses and Web Facing Servers 1999-20042004/06/15
DDoS Attack Cited in Akamai Outage2004/06/15
Sudden Closure of Strands Bloggers2004/06/15
VoIP on the line2004/06/12
Despite SCO Deal, Growth at EV1Servers Continues2004/06/11
Euro 2004 Gambling Sites Hit By Denial Of Service Attacks2004/06/10
New Attack Compromises Fully-Patched IE Browsers2004/06/09
Symantec: New Virus Deletes All Files2004/06/08
Nearly 2.5 Million Active Sites running FreeBSD2004/06/07
Strong Growth for European Providers during May2004/06/07
XML gets down to business2004/06/07
June 2004 Web Server Survey2004/06/06
Wikis: The Next Frontier for Spammers?2004/06/04
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during May2004/06/02
Phishing Worm Installs Trojan Without Trickery2004/06/02
Who’s the new (J)Boss?2004/06/01
CVS Exploit Leads to Project Server Compromise2004/05/31
Report: Microsoft Not a Threat to US National Security2004/05/28
Proposed ICANN Fees Generate Heat, But Not Price Hikes2004/05/27
Site Outages for The SCO Group2004/05/27
Another Huge Surge in Phishing Scams in April2004/05/25
Akamai Network Problems Disrupt Numerous Sites2004/05/24
Getting a handle on URNs2004/05/24
Free Software Foundation Weighs Response to SCO Subpoena2004/05/20
Microsoft Launch TryIIS Campaign2004/05/19
The Planet Adds Data Center To Manage Rapid Growth2004/05/18
RIAA Site Offline Again on MyDoom.F Trigger Date2004/05/17
Changes at MT, Blogger Highlight Blog Hosting Strategies2004/05/17
Symantec Firewalls Vulnerable to Intrusion, DOS2004/05/13
Pushing the blog boundary2004/05/13
Anti-Phishing Site Targeted by Hack Attacks2004/05/11
DDoS Attacks Hobble E-commerce, Security Sites2004/05/10
What future for Google?2004/05/10
SAVVIS Tops April Hosting Growth With Gains From C&W2004/05/06
Interview: Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of Apache2004/05/05
Sasser, Phatbot May Make LSASS Flaw An Enduring Headache2004/05/04
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during April2004/05/04
The Phisher Kings2004/05/04
Windows Update Site Experiences Slowdowns2004/05/03
May 2004 Web Server Survey Finds 50 Million Sites2004/05/03
Sasser Worm Spreading Through LSASS Exploit2004/05/01
Faulty Site Redesign Leads Tower to Settle With Regulators2004/04/30
Cisco Uses Linux in Enterprise Content Caching System2004/04/30
Microsoft SSL Patch Crashes Some Win2K Systems2004/04/29
Protracted Availability problems for Above.net2004/04/29
Interview with Miguel de Icaza, co-founder of Gnome, Ximian and Mono2004/04/28
CrystalTech Hosting Bought by Financial Services Firm2004/04/28
Attackers Use SSL Exploit to Target Australian Banks2004/04/27 Admits Cloaking Customer Sites to Improve Search Ranking2004/04/25
Desperately seeking Web Search 2.02004/04/23
‘Bin Laden Captured’ E-mail Downloads Trojan2004/04/23
New Exploit Allows Compromise of SSL Servers2004/04/22
More Than 400 Phishing Attacks in March2004/04/22
Secret Repairs Preceded TCP Flaw Release2004/04/21
Exploit Targets Windows SSL Vulnerability2004/04/19
Phishing Trojan Grabs Browser Screen Shots2004/04/17
E-commerce Firm 2Checkout Reports DDoS Extortion Attack2004/04/17
Microsoft goes Opensource2004/04/16
Windows Update struggling to remain available2004/04/14
Microsoft SSL Vulnerability gives attackers opportunity to gain control of leading banking sites2004/04/14
Strong Hostname Growth for Domain Registrars2004/04/12
Blue Razor: Discount Club for Domains2004/04/12
The year of living wirelessly2004/04/05
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during March2004/04/04
Has SCO forgotten something?2004/04/02
EV1Servers Gains Sites In Wake of SCO Deal2004/04/02
April 2004 Web Server Survey2004/04/01
New Phishing Scam Prompts Warnings2004/04/01
Interland Will Continue Trellix Services2004/03/31
CAIDA: Witty Exposes ‘Spectacular Failure’ of Patch System2004/03/26
Of blogs and wikis2004/03/26
Interview: Peter Pathos, President, The Planet2004/03/25
RIAA site intermittently available, now running Linux2004/03/24
Interview with Jim Gray, Manager, Microsoft Bay Area Research Center2004/03/24
ASP.NET Overtakes JSP and Java Servlets2004/03/23
Windows NT4 Still Astonishingly Popular with Big Brand Websites2004/03/23
Network Solutions Offers 100-year Domain Registrations2004/03/23
RIAA Web Site Remains Offline2004/03/21
Witty Worm Targets Black Ice, Disables Machines2004/03/20
BBC investigates DDoS extortion in the UK gambling industry2004/03/20
Internator 3: Rise of the Devices2004/03/19
RIAA Site, Targeted By Worms, Is Offline2004/03/18
OpenSSL Patches Denial of Service Flaws2004/03/17
Phishing Scam Spoofs U.S. Government Site2004/03/16
DDoS Counterstrikes Prompt Debate2004/03/16 Cites Security Breach Information Act in Disclosing Successful Attack2004/03/15
cPanel Vulnerability Disclosed2004/03/12
Go Daddy Now An SSL Certificate Authority2004/03/12
Is Internationalization finally getting somewhere, or is the DNS just becoming balkanised?2004/03/10 Back Online2004/03/08
SSL’s Credibility as Phishing Defense Is Tested2004/03/08
Eolas Patent is Ruled Invalid2004/03/07
Spam’s Tenth Birthday Today2004/03/05
EV1′s Marsh Disputes SCO’s ’7 Figure’ Payment Claim2004/03/04
Court that will hear SCO v AutoZone lawsuit itself runs Linux2004/03/03
AutoZone Runs Much of Operations on Solaris2004/03/03
EV1Servers Pays License Fee to SCO2004/03/01
Fraud Hosting Services widely promoted2004/03/01
Most Reliable Hosting Providers during February2004/03/01
Linux Hosts Post Strongest February Growth2004/03/01
TUCOWS Plans Branded Blogging Service for Resellers2004/03/01
March 2004 Web Server Survey2004/03/01
Outages for RIAA, SCO Sites2004/02/28
Phishing Attacks Rise by 50% month on month2004/02/25
Interview: Affinity Internet CEO Peter Chambers2004/02/25
MyDoom.F Deletes Files, Adds RIAA to DDoS Targets2004/02/24
February Domain Pricing changes2004/02/19
Strato, Network Solutions Dispute Resold Domains2004/02/18
Phishing Scam Installs Keylogger Via Web Page2004/02/16
Number of sites running Windows Server 2003 overtakes NT2004/02/16
Visual Spoofing Offers new Opportunities for Phishers2004/02/15
DDoS may have ended, but not yet back in the DNS2004/02/15
Windows Leak: Security Problems of Open Source, Without the Benefits2004/02/15
More Patches in Pipeline from Microsoft2004/02/12
DoomJuice.B Refines DDoS Attack Against Microsoft2004/02/11 probably under siege from DDoS2004/02/09
INetU, Secure Dog most reliable hosting company sites during January2004/02/04
1&1 Internet and Go Daddy Continue to Top Growth Charts2004/02/04
Interview: EV1Servers CEO Robert Marsh2004/02/03
Microsoft has alternative site available, just in case2004/02/03
New SCO site experiences outages and slow response times2004/02/03
Microsoft Issues Critical Update On URL Spoofing2004/02/03
Microsoft shorten TTL in anticipation of MyDoom.B payload2004/02/02
SCO to use new domain for the duration of MyDoom DDoS2004/02/02 enjoys good response times2004/02/01
SCO drop from the DNS2004/02/01
Sunday morning and is still in the DNS2004/02/01
February 2004 Web Server Survey2004/02/01 is a weapon of mass destruction2004/01/30
Phishers expand into telephony2004/01/30
SCO legal case poses a conundrum on how it should defend a DDoS2004/01/29
Via Net.Works Acquires Amen Hosting2004/01/29
MyDoom Variant Target Microsoft Site2004/01/28
Microsoft to remove support for usernames in http urls2004/01/28
Debian Fastest Growing Linux Distribution2004/01/28 Site Alerts Available2004/01/28
Outages Continue as SCO Offers $250,000 MyDoom Reward2004/01/27
Fast-Moving Virus Launches DDoS on SCO2004/01/27
SAVVIS Top Bidder for C&W Assets2004/01/23
1&1 Launches Paid Services in US2004/01/22
Fastest Growing Large Hosting Companies in 20032004/01/21
XO Seeks to Bar Gores from Buying C&W Unit2004/01/16
Qwest Weighs Bid for Cable & Wireless Hosting Unit2004/01/16
No Microsoft Patch yet for Explorer url hiding2004/01/14
Interview: 1&1 Internet CEO Andreas Gauger2004/01/12
INetU most reliable hosting company site during H2 20032004/01/11
Fraudsters use encoded urls to target Barclays accounts2004/01/09
Large Hosts Ease Domain Discounting, But Others Now at $42004/01/08
Jump in Phishing Attacks in December2004/01/07
Go Daddy, The Planet Continue Strong Growth2004/01/05
INetU, Cable and Wireless most reliable hosting company sites during December2004/01/01
January 2004 Web Server Survey2004/01/01
Tim Berners-Lee knighted2003/12/31
Sprint Sells DellHost to Vericenter2003/12/22
Sun Discontinuing Cobalt Linux Servers2003/12/19
U.S. Grants Trademark for Private Label Reseller2003/12/17
The Planet Commits to Red Hat Enterprise2003/12/17
Outages Continue at SCO2003/12/15
EV1Servers Raises Prices on Domains and SSL Certificates2003/12/15
Interview: Rackspace Co-chairman Morris Miller2003/12/15
CAIDA: Data Confirms DDoS at SCO2003/12/12
IE Flaw Allows Spoofed URLs2003/12/12
DDoS takes SCO Site down2003/12/10
US Regulators Probe Security Lapses at Retailers2003/12/10
Oracle Issues High Risk SSL Security Alert2003/12/08
Cable & Wireless Sells US Operations in Bankruptcy Deal2003/12/08
Banking fraud targets National Westminster customers2003/12/08
Visa account holders targetted by fraudsters2003/12/06
New York Internet most reliable hosting company site during November2003/12/05
Gentoo Linux Server Compromised2003/12/03
Ventures Online Discussing A Deal2003/12/03
December 2003 Web Server Survey2003/12/02
Growth continues at Go Daddy2003/12/02
1&1′s US Launch Promotion Shows Gains2003/12/01
.name Registrar Web Site Hacked2003/12/01
Growth in Hostnames, IP Addresses and Web Facing Servers 1999-20032003/11/25
Nachi Worm turned Cash Machines into scanning engines2003/11/25
Questions required for forthcoming interviews on news.netcraft.com2003/11/25
Wall Street Drought Ends for Hosting Companies2003/11/24
EV1 already top Windows Server 2003 Hosting Provider2003/11/18
Large Hosts Slash Domain Name Prices2003/11/18
Fastest growing Hosting Companies over last year2003/11/18
MCI Will Acquire All of Digex2003/11/17
Go Daddy’s Parsons Sees Lower Hosting Prices Ahead2003/11/14
No Deals or Decisions Yet for Cable & Wireless2003/11/12
ISA’s Hancock: Core Internet Protocols Need An Overhaul2003/11/12
Registrar eNom Launches Web Hosting Push2003/11/10
Cable & Wireless approaching decision day on US Operations2003/11/07
Raggett: Eolas Patent ‘A Well Known Idea’2003/11/07
Press Release2003/11/06
Bogus Yellow Pages renewals widely received2003/11/04
November 2003 Web Server Survey2003/11/03
Strong Growth in Top US and European Hosting Providers2003/11/03
Vulnerable versions of OpenSSL apparently still widely deployed on commerce sites2003/11/03
Secure Dog Hosting most reliable hosting company site during October2003/11/02
American Express adopts Linux2003/10/27
Customers of UK banks and brokerages attacked with new wave of fraud and theft2003/10/26
Domain Registrars Eye Shared Hosting for Expansion2003/10/26
Linux encroaching further into sun.com2003/10/26
3rd Sunday in the month is Reboot Sunday at Nortel2003/10/26
Sustained DDoS Wobble Prominent Weblogs2003/10/24
Windows 2000 site runs for two years without reboot2003/10/22
French Ruling on Google Ads Has Implications for Web Host Marketing2003/10/22
Operating system detection now reports Network Appliance Netcache2003/10/22
PC Magazine names Netcraft as Top 100 Web Site2003/10/14 Fastest Growing Hosting Provider by Active Sites over last six months2003/10/13
1&1 Internet opens in the US with 3 year free shared hosting promotion2003/10/09
British Telecom and DellHost most reliable hosting company sites during September2003/10/03
October 2003 Web Server Survey2003/10/01
Wildcard TLDs and the Web Server Survey2003/10/01
Forthcoming Events2003/09/29
Windows Server 2003 doubles active sites since July; 5% were previously running Linux2003/09/10
Do SSL Certificate Authorities still have a margin generating business model?2003/09/09
Featureprice – 70% of hostnames have moved2003/09/03
September 2003 Web Server Survey2003/09/01
Most reliable and fastest hosting company sites during August2003/09/01
SSL Site owners using ISPs rather than Hosting Companies2003/08/31
Further DDoS Attack on Rackspace?2003/08/30
PHP growing surprisingly strongly on Windows2003/08/30
Trail of clues pointed to Blaster B author2003/08/30
Hosting Companies under Attack2003/08/29
Rackshack maxs out Houston power grid segment2003/08/28
Netcraft outage 26th August2003/08/27
Is the SCO site down again?2003/08/26
If you were SCO, where would you host your investor relations site?2003/08/25
SCO site down for well over 2 days2003/08/24
Linux distribution share likely to change2003/08/17 runs Linux? Up to a point …2003/08/17
Debian Linux distribution 10 years old today2003/08/16
Most reliable and fastest hosting company sites during July2003/08/07
Outage at not likely to be part of general attack on Internet infrastructure2003/08/02
August 2003 Web Server Survey2003/08/01
SCO Lawsuit: will the Enterprises take notice?2003/07/24
JSP continues fast growth, on a surprisingly diverse set of operating systems2003/07/23
Windows Server 2003 approaching 100,000 active sites; 8,000 sites switch from Linux2003/07/15
Nearly 2 Million Active Sites running FreeBSD2003/07/12
Most reliable and fastest hosting company sites during June2003/07/08
Where did the FeaturePrice customers go?2003/07/07
1&1 Internet and Rackshack Fastest Growing Hosting Providers2003/07/07
July 2003 Web Server Survey2003/07/02
Netcraft tracks migration of sites between hosting providers2003/07/01
Certificate Authorities Careless About SSL Security?2003/06/27
Hosting Provider Performance Comparison Available2003/06/24
Schwab starting transition to Linux?2003/06/23
If you were running a site to promote an exhibtion called LinuxWorld which operating system would you use to run your site?2003/06/19
Cable & Wireless site shows outages2003/06/15
June 2003 Web Server Survey2003/06/12
Linux uptimes comparable with Solaris on busy sites2003/06/10
Speedera gains sites, reaches operating profitability2003/06/10
Recent Changes at Notable Sites2003/06/10
Explosion and Fire at Rackshack2003/06/03 moves to Cable and Wireless, replaces Sun with Microsoft2003/05/06
May 2003 Web Server Survey2003/05/05
Where are the Windows Server 2003 sites hosted?2003/05/05
Richard Stallman adopts GPL operating system for own site2003/05/05
PC Magazine places Netcraft as a Top 100 Classic Web Site2003/05/05
Recent Attacks against OpenSSL likely to be applicable to other SSL implementations2003/04/21
Who are the Fastest Growing Hosting Providers?2003/04/14
April 2003 Web Server Survey2003/04/13
Windows Server 2003 overtakes Solaris 92003/04/13
Recent Changes at Notable Sites2003/04/13
Java Servlet Engines2003/04/10
Netcraft RSS feed available2003/04/08
World’s First Hardware SSL Certificates launched2003/04/07
Apache/2.0.45 released to counter Denial of Service vulnerability2003/04/03
Netcraft to conform to new Internet Security RFC2003/04/01
Windows 2000 Exploits Published and Generalised2003/03/27
March 2003 Web Server Survey2003/03/25
Windows 2000 passes the million mark2003/03/25
Three quarters of Microsoft-IIS sites have WebDAV enabled2003/03/18
February 2003 Web Server Survey2003/02/25
Apache on Windows Struggling?2003/02/25 reboots after two years2003/02/25
World’s second largest vendor of Windows machines chooses NT4 for Web Site2003/02/25
Mandrake falls into Administration2003/01/22
Liberty Alliance Identity Server launched2003/01/22
Windows 2000 site goes over two years without a reboot2003/01/22
Performance of attracting interest2003/01/21
Security Advisory 2001-11.1 – JRun SSI Request Body Parsing2003/01/01
Security Advisory 2001-01.1 – Predictable Session IDs2003/01/01
Solaris sites curiously slow to upgrade2002/09/30
Crypto Regulations Cast Long Shadow2002/03/11