Outages Continue as SCO Offers $250,000 MyDoom Reward

The SCO Group's web site was offline again this evening, as the company issued a statement saying it is experiencing a denial of service attack (DDoS). SCO also offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the author of the fast-spreading MyDoom worm, which is programmed to attack the SCO web site. The source of the outage at sco.com is unclear, as the DDoS component of MyDoom is not triggered until Feb. 1.

SCO performance chart

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Fast-Moving Virus Launches DDoS on SCO

Computers infected by the fast-spreading MyDoom e-mail virus will attempt to launch a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on the sco.com web site on Feb. 1, according to updated analyses by Symantec and F-Secure. Several hours after the virus began spreading at about 9 p.m. GMT, the SCO web site was offline briefly.

SCO web site performance

A dynamically updating graph is available here.

The virus, also known W32.Novarg.A@mm or WORM_MIMAIL.R, masquerades as a returned e-mail and attempts to disguise an attachment as a text file, similar to ones that often accompany errant e-mails.

SAVVIS Top Bidder for C&W Assets

SAVVIS Communications has outbid six other suitors in a bankruptcy auction for the American web hosting operation of Cable & Wireless. The winning bid by SAVVIS, a managed services provider focused on the financial industry was said to exceed $155 million, topping an exisiting $125 million deal with Gores Technology Group.

Cable & Wireless' money-losing hosting operation remains among the largest in the world, with more than 767K hostnames and 250K active sites. Its 1,000-plus hosting customers include General Electric, Starbucks, Reebok, Office Max, CBS Sportsline and Slashdot.

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1&1 Launches Paid Services in US

After signing up tens of thousands of free accounts, 1&1 Internet has launched its paid services in the U.S., offering shared hosting from $4.99 a month and dedicated servers starting at $49 a month.

1&1, Europe's largest hosting company with more than 3.5 million hostnames, said it had already signed up more than 100,000 accounts through a pre-launch promotion offering free hosting for three years. The offer sought to raise 1&1's profile in America and quickly gain a critical mass of customers.

"1&1 sets new standards on the US Web hosting market with a domain price as low as $5.88 a year and $49 a month for a dedicated server," said Andreas Gauger, chief executive officer for 1&1 Internet.

The domain offer shaves 11 cents off 1&1's previous .com registration price, already the lowest among major hosting providers. At $49 a month, 1&1's dedicated server offering matches the recent launch pricing of Server4You, the American arm of another expansion-minded German host, Intergenia AG. 1&1 also is offering template-driven e-commerce sites for small businesses at monthly rates between $9.99 and $49.99.

In 2003 1&1 Internet AG gained over 800K hostnames, a 30% increase over the year, to become the largest hoster worldwide with over 3.5M hostnames in December 2003. The Netcraft Hosting Provider Switching Analysis showed the US operation to gain over 9K hostnames in December 2003, with largest gains from GoDaddy, EV1Servers and eNom.

Fastest Growing Large Hosting Companies in 2003

Hosting growth was strong on both sides of the Atlantic in 2003, with European providers keeping pace with American hosts in both percentage growth and hostname growth. Over 17 companies with greater than 50K hostnames in January 2003 had greater than 50% growth, with six of these in Europe.

It was a banner year for hosting companies based in Germany, home to the fastest-growing host and three of the top six in hostname growth. Leading the pace was IP Exchange GmbH, which lived up to its motto ("where the server lives") with 352 percent growth in hostnames on the year.

The top American performers demonstrated that there were successful growth strategies in virtually every market niche, including colocation (Hurricane Electric), dedicated servers (EV1Servers), shared hosting (iPowerWeb), small business e-commerce hosting (Yahoo!) and domain registration and hosting (Go Daddy).

Top Hosting Companies By Percentage Growth, Dec 02 to Dec 03
Hosting Company Dec 02 Dec 03 %
Growth Primary
IP Exchange GmbH 61,955 280,072 352.06% 218,117 Europe
Hurricane Electric 64,955 194,097 198.82% 129,142 America
iPowerWeb 55,802 165,489 196.56% 109,687 America
GoDaddy Inc 578,838 1,635,676 182.58% 1,056,838 America
EV1Servers.net 218,565 596,372 172.86% 377,807 America
net@ccess 89,810 187,765 109.07% 97,955 America
Agarik/Amen 54,290 110,992 104.44% 56,702 Europe
yahoo.com 277,306 542,687 95.70% 265,381 America
Hostway Corporation 176,580 336,594 90.62% 160,014 Worldwide
BurstNet 50,090 90,869 81.41% 40,779 America
Colt 94,555 169,144 78.88% 74,589 Europe
Domain Factory 65,274 110,946 69.97% 45,672 Europe
Peer1 Networks Inc 98,068 164,354 67.59% 66,286 America
Datapipe 76,334 122,298 60.21% 45,964 America
Proxad 56,912 88,335 55.21% 31,423 Europe
Aruba 112,435 170,065 51.26% 57,630 Europe
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XO Seeks to Bar Gores from Buying C&W Unit

X0 Communications today sought to have lead bidder Gores Technology Group disqualified from an auction for Cable & Wireless' U.S. hosting assets, saying Gores had tampered with XO's efforts to prepare a competing bid, which XO filed late Friday.

In a court filing just hours before the bid deadline, XO said it learned Tuesday that Gores had hired away the XO executive directing a planned joint bid with One Equity Partners, a unit of Bank One Corp. Gores said the motion was "nothing more than thinly-veiled attempt to disrupt the bidding process," and amounted to gamesmanship by XO chairman Carl Icahn.

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