Lengthy Downtime Due to Affinity-Hostway Migration

Dedicated hosting customers of Affinity Internet's ValueWeb and Gate.com brands reported lengthy downtime as a planned outage for a data center migration extended well beyond the scheduled 12 to 15 hour maintenance window. The server move between Affinity's Miami, Fla. data center and a Hostway facility about 270 miles away in Tampa, Fla. began Friday night at 8 pm, but late Sunday night many customers reported that their sites remained offline, with some saying their server outages were nearing 48 hours.

Hostway acquired Affinity Internet in April a deal that combined two hosting services focused on the business market. The U.S. hosting market has been undergoing an active period of consolidation, with WebSite Pros buying Web.com and Endurance International merging with IPower in other deals.

The main pages for both Hostway and ValueWeb remained online throughout, as only dedicated hosting customers appear to have been affected. A forum post by a Gate.com manager indicates that all servers had been connected and powered on in the new location by 2 pm Sunday, but acknowledged that servers remained offline.

Service Outage for Fasthosts

UK hosting provider Fasthosts suffered extended downtime on Monday night, which has been attributed to an electrical problem. Fasthosts, which was bought last year by 1&1 Internet, hosts more than 605,000 web sites, making it one of the UK's top three web hosting operations. Fasthosts told customers that the outage resulted from a problem in the electrical equipment that distributes power to servers. While there was no fire, a fire alarm was triggered, which in some scenarios can prompt staff to cut power to parts of the data center for safety reasons.

Last night's downtime can be seen on this performance chart:


A dynamically updating chart of the Fasthosts.co.uk web site performance is available. Netcraft offers a web site performance monitoring service that provides similar charts, along with e-mail alerts when an outage occurs.

July 2007 Web Server Survey

In the July 2007 survey we received responses from 125,626,329 sites, an increase of 3.62 million sites from the June survey. Recent trends hold steady this month, with the Internet's strong growth continuing apace and Microsoft making additional inroads into Apache's leadership in web server market share. The web has grown by 20.4 million sites thus far this year, slightly behind the growth rate from 2006, when the survey added a record 30.9 million sites.

Microsoft adds 2.4 million sites this month, pushing the total number of sites running on Windows servers past 40 million, and helping Microsoft improve its market share by 1.01% to 32.8%. The open source Apache server has an increase of 556K, and slips back 1.11% to 52.65%. Google gains 592K sites this month, and now has 4.35% share.

In active sites, Apache is now at 49.98% share, less than 14.5% ahead of Microsoft. While that's still a considerable lead, Apache had a 33.4% advantage at this time last July, meaning Microsoft has cut its deficit in half in the past 12 months.

Total Sites Across All Domains August 1995 - July 2007

Total Sites Across All Domains, August 1995 - July 2007

Graph of market share for top servers across all domains, August 1995 - July 2007

Top Developers
DeveloperJune 2007PercentJuly 2007PercentChange

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Tiscali is Most Reliable Hosting Company In June 2007

Ranking by Failed Requests and Connection time,
June 1st - 30th 2007


Tiscali is the most reliable hosting company site for June 2007, followed closely by DataPipe and EasyNet. This marks the second time Tiscali has edged out Datapipe, duplicating the result from last November.

Tiscali, a European provider of hosting and Internet access services, finished atop our table three times in 2006 and once in 2005. Tiscali is based in Cagliari, Italy, with operations in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Czech Republic. The company offers shared hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and domain names in addition to a wide range of telecom services.

Web.com, which is ninth in our rankings this month and led the table in January 2007, was acquired by WebSitePros last week.

Two of the 10 most most reliable hosts run their web sites on Windows, four on Linux and two on FreeBSD.

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Performance Issues for Yahoo

Yahoo's web sites experienced brief performance problems earlier today, with users in some areas experiencing more significant problems than others. Yahoo is one of the world's busiest web sites (currently the number two Web destination for users of the Netcraft toolbar), and thus the outages have been noted by the Internet Storm Center and news outlets. The yahoo.com home page was inaccessible for several hours from our London monitoring station and responded more slowly than usual from several locations in the U.S. Yahoo search appears to have experienced lengthier availability problems than the home page and other Yahoo services.

Yahoo's performance problems can be seen on this chart:

yahoo.com site performance

A dynamically updating chart of the Yahoo.com web site performance is available. Netcraft offers a web site performance monitoring service that provides similar charts, along with e-mail alerts when an outage occurs.

IXEurope Acquired by Equinix

UK-based colocation provider IXEurope has agreed to be acquired by U.S. data center specialist Equinix for £240.9 million ($482 million U.S.), the two companies said Thursday. The deal continues an aggressive global expansion for Equinix, which has data centers in major markets across the U.S. and Asia and is investing more than $500 million in new data centers in the United States.

IXEurope operates 14 data centers throughout Europe, including centers in London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Dusseldorf and Geneva. The company’s 450 customers - which include Rackspace, Attenda, Merrill Lynch, Avis Europe, Deutsche Boerse and Citigroup - should see little change in the near-term, as the entire executive team of IXEurope will continue with the company as Equinix UK, based in London. Equinix often invests in infrastructure upgrades for its acquired data centers, but said this won't be required for IXEurope's facilities.

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