Incentives for Phishing Site Reporters

As of the 1st November 2013, the Netcraft Anti-Phishing community has helped to block over 6.9 million phishing attacks worldwide. To provide an incentive for the community to continue sending Netcraft reports of phishing sites, we currently send reporters the following prizes:

Prize When
Netcraft USB Flash Drive after 100 validated phishing reports
Netcraft Branded Mug after 250
Netcraft T-Shirt after 500
Targus Laptop Backpack after 1,000
iPad after 5,000

As a further incentive, reporters become eligible for a separate competition when they reach 5,000 validated reports.

To report phishing sites to us, please use the form at, or forward any phishing URLs or emails you receive to To track the progress, we have a leaderboard displaying the people with the largest number of accepted reports so far this month.

The Netcraft Extension, which is available for Firefox, Google Chrome™ and Opera, serves as a giant neighbourhood watch scheme for the Internet. Members who encounter a phishing site can act to defend the larger community of users against the attack. Once the first recipients of a phishing mail have reported the attack URL, it is blocked for community members as they subsequently access the URL. Widely disseminated attacks simply mean that the phishing attack will be reported and blocked sooner.

Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension Netcraft Toolbar for Firefox Netcraft Toolbar for Opera