Netcraft’s Android app now available on the Amazon Appstore

Netcraft's new anti-phishing app, already available in the Google Play store, has just been released to the Amazon Appstore. The iOS app is with Apple for review.

Available at Amazon Appstore Get it on Google Play

Android web browsers lack comprehensive protection against malicious websites, and in most cases only block a small fraction of the sites blocked by their desktop counterparts. The Netcraft app solves this problem by extending our industry-leading phishing protection services to your mobile device. The app equips your Android device with Netcraft's continuously updated feed of phishing websites, and will alert you whenever you visit a site that's included in this blacklist.

The Netcraft app works with the most popular mobile web browsers on Android — including Amazon's Silk browser, Chrome, and Firefox — and other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Slack.

The app's malicious site warning page in Amazon's Silk browser

The app's malicious site warning page in Amazon's Silk browser.

See our original post about the app for more information.

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